knee pain

  1. D


    Anyone else have debilitating knee pain through both knees and into calves every day? Like bone running bone.. I used to get flares like it but now its permanent.
  2. 1sweed

    Fibromyalgia/Hypermobile knee pain relief

  3. G

    Fibro knee pain

    Hi. New member. Can anyone speak specifically to knee pain. I have an arthritic right knee, but for the past month I have had new pain very specific to the inner aspects of my knees. The right is very bad. Have been on cymbalta for many years. Tylenol arthritic strength and motrin offer...
  4. L

    Feeling completely humiliated

    Today is not a good day! I went in for vascular surgery only to be turned away by the surgeon because of weight/BMI issues. My weight has rocketed since Christmas, I gained 2 stone in 2 weeks and it is still increasing by the day. I saw my GP a couple of weeks ago and mentioned concerns about...
  5. L

    Knee pain

    Okay so this has got to be the worst symptom of all! Walking is really difficult but the worse thing is I can't bend my knees to squat or crouch, they are so stiff and the pain is excruciating when I try it. The only thing that thaws me out when I'm really cold and can't get warm is a nice warm...
  6. L

    Here we go again!

    So I was starting to feel good again after weeks of pain and starting to feel a bit more normal when bang! My knee pain is back with avengance, it only started today and already I can barely walk or bend my left knee & it won't be long before the other side starts too. This sucks 🙁
  7. G

    what type of doctor to help with this pain?

    I was diagnosed a year ago with FM by my general practitioner. At the time I was already on Escitalopram for depression and he prescribed Mobic for the pain. I also have bone on bone OA of both knees. The Mobic has helped my knee pain but for me, the worst pains are the "zings" that happen out...
  8. C

    Newly Diagnosed, yet not sure my symptoms fit...

    Hi there, I'm new here and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my rheumatologist. She didn't seem totally confident with the diagnosis but sort of as a way to "give me something" and send me on my way. This is going to be long but I would so appreciate some thoughts. Here's some...
  9. L

    Glad to have found this group

    I came across this group during the several month wait until I can get an appointment with a rheumatologist. I have had symptoms for about ten months. I started with pain and stiffness in my knees. It felt like there was one of those air filled arm bands that kids use for swimming inside my leg...
  10. F

    Wondering if I have fibro

    I have been in a limbo the past few months with my health. It all started around August when I developed an eye twitch. I googled it and was determined I had a serious illness. Once I read about certain diseases (MS, particularly) I was positive that was what was wrong with me and started having...