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May 26, 2016
I was diagnosed a year ago with FM by my general practitioner. At the time I was already on Escitalopram for depression and he prescribed Mobic for the pain. I also have bone on bone OA of both knees. The Mobic has helped my knee pain but for me, the worst pains are the "zings" that happen out of the blue. Today my left neck/shoulder feels like a violin string just waiting to snap. The pain goes down my arm and my upper right back. I am also having pain in most of my joints today and a sharp shooting pain randomly in my elbow, foot or fingers. I don't know whether to call this nerve pain, muscle pain, arthritic pain or what! My GP doesn't really know either. He tries but he admits he is not a specialist of FM. He wants to refer me to a rheumatologist but I want to make sure it is someone who KNOWS about FM and the current treatment modalities available today. Do you all see a rheumatologist? A pain specialist? A homeopathic specialist? I just need some relief :(
Hi Glm,

Welcome, I would see a rheumatologist first , but I would make sure he has treated Fibromyalgia patients in the past.Alot of them can be hard to work with. They sometimes don't want to be bothered with fibro patients unfortunately
Getting a referral from someone that was treated by them prior would be great.

I'd also recommend u see a pain management Dr. A lot of times the Rheumatologist might put u on specific meds for fibro. But not necessarily treat your specific joint or nerve pain.

I have pain that radiates down my arm , that is related to a herniated disc in my neck.
That is where the pain management Dr can be helpful.

They can give specific trigger injections in the back or give u an epidural injection in specific areas In your lower back.Sciatica can also be relieved by epidurals too.The pain drs can also prescribe narcotics,if your pain is not being relieved by other means.

I've had many epidurals and I've found relief with them. For me the pain relief lasted approx. 3/6 months , but everyone is different. I'm going to have one soon. I find with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain they help a lot.

When looking for a pain specialist for epidurals, always check there education,and make sure they are board certified and specialize in anesthesiology.
If someone is placing injections near my spinal cord,I want to make sure they're experienced and professional lol��

I have been awake and asleep while they're done and that's your decision. But both are not bad.

If your pain is in your feet, which is common with Fibro
You can see a Podiatrist, who specializes in foot care.
I have Plantar Fasciitis,and I have received cortisone injections,which have helped immensely.
Sometimes it can become chronic, that is why u should take care of all your pains and treat them as soon as u can.
You don't want to wait until it overwhelms u.

I hope this helped, if u have any other questions don't be afraid to ask,
Feel better

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