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Dec 29, 2016
Okay so this has got to be the worst symptom of all! Walking is really difficult but the worse thing is I can't bend my knees to squat or crouch, they are so stiff and the pain is excruciating when I try it. The only thing that thaws me out when I'm really cold and can't get warm is a nice warm bath but this is proving impossible :( getting in and out is a nightmare, I feel like I've aged another 20 years today going shopping & trying to have a nice relaxing bath. I'm seeing my rheumatologist again on Monday after the last pointless appointment with his assistant, I hope he can offer some advice or change meds to help. Sorry, all I seem to do is moan just now and feel sorry for myself most of the time!
Dear Lou38, please don't be sorry. You are obviously going through a very difficult time. Although I don't have knee pain as you do, I do experience some knee pain and stiffness where kneeling is uncomfortable. I'm sorry you are hurting, does applying heat to your knees help? Such as a rub, or heating pad? I hope you can get some direction and treatment from your Rheumatologist. Having no answers can leave one feeling helpless and alone. Never apologize for unloading on this forum. We are all on your side supporting you.
Thanks medicMurphy. Im just struggling a bit just now, I've had a really tough year and hoped 2017 could bring better things but it's shaping up to be pretty awful so far & I know this must have attributed to a lot of my symptoms. I haven't tried heat for my knees yet but will definitely give it a go, thanks.
Stress is a huge contributor to Fibro exacerbation. I too am struggling so I sympathize with you. Hang in there. I hope the heat brings some relief. My heating pad is my best friend. I actually wear them out. It provides symptomatic relief. Better than popping pills all the time in which you already know never completely takes the pain away.

Sorry your knees are hurting. I have the same problem lately and find myself limping at times.

A lot of times knee problems can be related to foot problems. Mine are lately,since I have bilateral Plantar Fasciitis right now.The Dr says they are inflamed from Fibromyalgia.

Never had this much pain and difficulty walking before. The knee pain can also be related to the different gait walking.

Our lower back pain can also affect our knees.So it's important to keep our pain under control.
Otherwise other parts of our bodies "get out of whack" lol.

The dr gave me orthotics to help and prednisone dose pack, which really helped decrease my pain.
It was a low dose and decreased the inflammation.
Also a cortisone shot directly in the area.

Like I said I never had to keep going back to the dr for relief, but with Fibro if we don't keep up with our pain relief it can get overwhelming.

I try to take Advil sparingly, ice and heat whenever I need it. Apply tiger balm on my knees and taken Celebrex for the pain in my feet and knees which helped a lot.

Feel better,

Thanks sagey. I'm a walking medical dictionary lol. I have orthotics for collapsed arches and to help with extreme hypermobility, I have scoliosis and a leg length discrepancy so my gait is terrible to say the least. My podiatrist called me a conundrum lol. I'm not sure what is causing the knee pain, my back, hips etc are not too bad just now, my knees are the one place I have had constant pain for the last 6 months. It's a weird feeling, they are so stiff and heavy it feels like they don't actually belong to me. When I move my legs it almost feels like there's a really tight band around my knees restricting my movement. Hopefully my rheumatologist can offer some advice tomorrow. Thanks for listening.
Hi Lou, my knees are like this ..infact my whole legs, knees and feet are like it pretty much 24/7. I used to be able to walk or potter for about an hour before it stirred up but now I am stuck like it and find standing for a couple of minutes so difficult.Its the same feeling stiff heavy and like my whole leg is got a tight band on it and like the muscles and joints are kind of grinding as you push through with any activity..and very weak.

I used to get it come and go and always flared with stress.

I do sympathize and hope your flare up soon goes away. Please take care of your self and if possible avoid stress..hard with fibro pain I know.
Thanks willow. I've had a lot of stress at home that has eased up a bit but work is stressing me out too. I'm hoping things get resolved soon as I know it's making the fibro much worse.
Ah Lou i do hope so..stress is a real killer for us. Take Care
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