1. M


    I go to yet another dr. Soon. I'm pretty nervous, from what i heard from his secretary is its not his belief to perscribe certain meds. So what do i do? Just be frank and say " doc, i've been through 4 drs, 7 including visiting drs. 80 percent of whom just quit abruptly. , i've been...
  2. Forgetmenot


    dont all rush at once ,and I no a lot of us don't have a great deal to laugh about,but if anyone has some funny story's to share pls do Laughter is a good Medicine ,and I'm sure would do us all good.
  3. MEgersheim

    Quitting MEDS for alternative. Pls help.

    Hi all. I have a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia/CPS and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a joint and connective tissue disorder which causes great pain in the joints. I have a 6 year old son and am a newly-wed. My husband is a disabled veteran who also lives in chronic pain, so I have a support...
  4. J

    Tingling hands feet even scalp

    Help! I have had tingling almost all of my body for several years, it never gies away but seems worse with stress. I also have pain throughout my body. I have had numerous blood tests. Been to chiropractors, neurologists, no diagnosis. I aolso have brain fog . Am tired all the time and hurt...
  5. Forgetmenot


    ok il say it if fibro hasn't put you in bed DONT DO IT. I've had this many years, and one things I've learned is ,if u go to bed you don't get up. I don't mean sleeping. It seems that many ppl with fibro are driven to there bed through pain and onces there can't seem to get up again for weeks at...
  6. MEgersheim

    HELP PLS! 1st Rheumo Appt- What to do?

    I have my first Rheumatologist's apt on Friday, and he is actually one of the doctors that I later found connected to this website, Dr. Guttell. First of all, I am wondering, what can a Rheumatologist can do for me besides confirm diagnosis? Secondly, what should I bring with me? Such as: A...
  7. G

    pain & spasticity in throat.

    Hi, Does anyone struggle with severe pain and stiffness in their throat? I’ve had intense pain in throat area for more than 2 years. It’s a stiff cramping pain and it’s relentless! Is it spasticity gone amok? I’m more than 4 years in, classified as UMN syndrome. Pain, spasticity, difficulty...
  8. G

    Diagnosed in Jan

    I have never posted on any forums before but have been reading this one for a month or so and have learned a lot I was just diagnosed Jan, after a year of testing and watching the progression of symptoms. Looking back symptoms may have started in 1995, when diagnosed with "tendenitis in a...
  9. G

    Muscle Pain

    Hi, I have no formal 'tag' for my condition yet beyond being told that I have UMN death caused by either PLS or HSP. For the last 6 months or so I have started to suffer from intense pain in my limbs - a 'shin splints' feeling in the lower part of my shin and ankle, and a pain in my upper and...
  10. G

    More pain and stiffness

    Hi, I've posted on here a few times before, but generally have tried to go about my life. I've been battling pain/stiffness/weakness for years and now it seems to have got worse. I had one doc allude to pls. Said I had cranial nerve damage. My neck always hurts when I turn it (95% of the...