1. A


    Fibromyalgia-diagnosed Hello everyone, My name is Athina and i am from Greece. I am 28 years old and recently before a month and a half i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,afer 5 years of endless running to the doctors for pain in the hands, in my back, in my legs and making all kind of exams...
  2. R

    Wondering about symptoms

    Hi folks - brand new here. I used to think fibro was just all severe pain all the time, but recently saw something about the other symptoms and how the level and type of pain varies per person, and it made me want to research some more. For the past couple of years (ever since a seriously...
  3. V

    I was told I have fibro, but what's happening now has me at a loss

    Hello, all. First and foremost, I would like to say I am struggling to type this due to the amount of pain I am in at the moment. I guess I should start at the beginning. I am a 22 year old female and I was diagnosed when I was 19. However, I had symptoms a couple years prior to that. I had...
  4. vickythecat

    Remarks from doctors - that hurt real bad

    Hi, After many years of living as a recluse, I finally started going to doctors and getting referrals to see specialists. From the 1st doctor I went to; while in a full blast panic attack, these are the remarks she made; - "you should start working" (yeah because I finished an ivy league...
  5. R

    Hello! I'm Rhi and I have Fibro/CFS and diabetes.

    For years, my previous doctor told me that I was exhausted and in pain because I had sleep apnea even though I never once snored or stopped breathing in my sleep. He told me I was overweight and all my pain was because I was too fat. (I don't disagree that my weight was an issue, however at this...
  6. L


    Sorry I haven’t posted for a while, life has been so hectic as usual! My sister mentioned some online research she had seen about the use of Turmeric or Curcumin for relief of fibro symptoms. I wondered if anyone else had heard of this or tried it themselves? I read a bit online but it seemed...
  7. P

    New member....Military

    Thanks for letting me join! I'm 39. I was diagnosed in March '17. I am coming up on my 15th year in the military. I just found out I am going through the MED Board process. Looking for advice, treatment options and somewhere to research more about Fibro.
  8. Q

    Possible links to symptoms and overall

    Hello everyone, My name is Quinn and I've been dealing with this for a long time and recently my issues have grown worse which led me to doing some severe research which opened up a rabbit hole to my hypothesis, though I cannot just go by experiments on my body and family so I'm broadening my...
  9. T

    Diagnosis out of convenience

    *sigh* I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 3 months ago. I have been dealing with many different symptoms for about 3 years now. My doctors bounced me from one doctor to the next; "everything is fine", "your results are normal", "it's all in your head", "there is nothing else I can do for...
  10. F

    Hello! looking for answers.

    Good Morning! I am forty yo male who had stomach issues in early May. I had extreme anxiety if not a break down of some sort when this was going on. I had a lot of tests endoscopy, colonoscopy, HIDA scan, ultra sound blood work for pancreas, gluten tests....all clear, given IBS diagnosis...