1. R

    A proper introduction: DX Fibro

    Hi. I've been following this forum for a short time and thought it was important to properly introduce myself. I am a female in her early 50's, officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia July 2020. The diagnosis was no surprise, I've known it my deepest heart for months. My history is a long...
  2. Tipnatee N

    What type of fibro are you?

    For a very long time I'm struggeling try to figure out why are there so many different type of pains that many fibro sufferer experiences?. Some fibro sufferer I don't share any common with at all, while some I share far too many. Can we categorize our symptoms ? Which type of fibro pains...
  3. S

    Switching from cymbalta to amitriptyline ...please help

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, I'll make it quick for you to read so I hope someone can share/help with what's happening to me right now. Really quickly : I'm switching my long term medication ( cymbalta 8 years) to amitriptyline very low dose (I can't translate in mg cause I'm...
  4. B

    Negative thoughts and depression.

    At the outset, I inform you that I am about to write may have negative thoughts,so if you want to avoid reading it you can. If some of you remember, some months back I wrote about how yoga and deep breathing was treating me and I recommended it to you. well what is happening when I stop it is...
  5. C

    67 and still researching for fibro help

    Hi all, Not sure when I did first come down with it, but think it was in my early 20's. (I am now 67 years young) Remember a time when I would have waves of pain go thru my body and lasted for couple of months. Wondering if I had some weird virus that caused the fibro. After that I started...
  6. C

    Vertigo, allergies and fibro

    Wondering who else struggles with allergies and periodic vertigo and what works to calm symptoms, especially alternative or natural modes.
  7. L

    why even bother waking up anymore?

    I just don't see the point. I'm only 18 and already I can't work, I can't leave my house, I have to cancel appointments left and right because moving is just too painful and the motion itself makes me impossibly nauseous. My girl left me because we haven't been able to see each other for a...
  8. B

    How I discovered I had this.

    It started with mild pains in my fingers, the ones I used to use my mouse and computer. As first I though it was overwork and used to curse my boss. then in the evenings, the heel pain started. Lack of vit D though I and started going for walks in the sun between work, taking small breaks. that...
  9. I


    I have been having a problem with dizzy spells from time to time. They don't last very long..a moment or two but come on very suddenly when I least likely expect it. Does anyone else have a problem with dizziness? I also have a constant ringing in my right ear so recently went to an ENT...
  10. A

    My Story, My Pain

    :pHello Fellow Fibro Members, Of course, obviously I am new... My story does not just center around the fibromyalgia, instead,,,, I deal with many other health concerns. In short, I suffer from multiple back problems including; (degenerative disc disease, bulging discs, arthritis, tears in...