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Jan 23, 2018
Has anyone tried acupuncture to relieve pain? I have heard mixed reviews but would love to know others opinions on the matter :?:
i've used it but it didn't work for me. One of my issues is muscle spasms/cramping. For whatever reason, when the needles were applied, it would trigger various muscles in my back to spasm.

I have also tried massage, cupping, scraping and .... dry needling. I have to say the dry needle worked the best. My chiropractor basically inserted a long thin dry needle into a knot of muscle in my back. I felt a sensation like I was swallowing a egg down the side of my neck and... the knot was gone. It was truly bizarre, but worked. I'm having a flare right now and just found a chiro in my area (who takes insurance!) who offers dry needling. I made an appt for saturday.
Acupuncture unfortunately did not work for me. I'm about to try Cyrotherapy for inflamation. Getting frozen every day for two weeks straight doesnt that sound like fun.
Acupuncture works well for me. At the very beginning, I went twice a week for five weeks consecutively, then I started to go once a week up to now. Usually, the effect of each acupuncture treatment lasts for about four days, that's why I went twice a week at the beginning, but since I live far from the city, I can only go once a week after the first circle treatment that means after the first ten times. I never take any medication because of the side effects that might cause.
With acupuncture it seems to be hit-or-miss. Some report no effect, others say it works for them. I am in the no-effect group. No scientific studies have proven that acupuncture is effective as a treatment for fibro or for anything else. Perhaps for the people on which it works it is a placebo effect, and the effectiveness of placebo (in other words, the mind's belief that a treatment will work) actually has been documented and proven scientifically.

I say, try whatever you want. If it works, who even cares why it works, or even if it is a placebo. If a placebo works for me, then I love that placebo!
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