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Feb 3, 2013
Ok I get pain. I'm sort of used to pain from the waist down. This whole thing started in my legs and lower back and it only stops me in my tracks when its really really bad.
But today I have severe pains in my arms. I'm really not used to more than some arthritis pain in my hands and shoulders but this is in both elbows and making my whole arm ache. Even the weight of my clothes is feeling... well just feeling... I'm aware of every stitch on me and it's hard to explain. If it wasn't so damn cold I'd sit around naked.
I am sure your husband might enjoy seeing you like that, but keep the curtains drawn so as not to attract the neighbors. lol I am sure that is quite painful and I am sorry you hurt today. Try the heating pad or warm towels in the dryer and wrap them around your arms. Sometimes that helps to take some of the ache away by being in a fuzzy warm environment. Hope you feel better soon.
I can sympathize. There's nights that the sheets feel like they're pressing on me too much for comfort, but if I kick them off, then I can't sleep because I'm freezing. As if insomnia itself wasn't bad enough, then to get in bed and fight with your own bed and body temp, it's enough to drive a person mad!
Sounds like we have the same thing going on. When I was at the doctor they put the blood pressure cuff on I thought I was going to die! I'm sorry that you are hurting this way!
I often get pain down my arms, they feel like aching weights. I see a chiropractor weekly and when she adjusts around my shoulder blades my arms start to tingle. She often reminds me that the pain I am feeling may be radiating from higher up aka the huge knots of inflamed muscle around my shoulders are causing pain down my arms. I alternate hot and cold packs on my shoulders (sometimes it's neck muscles) for relief of the heavy aching arms. Cold reduces inflammation, but should not be on for more than 15 mins at a time then heat to relax - continue back and forth for a few hours. Works the same for my legs - lower back muscles are the cause if the pain is down the back of the leg, if in the front, I found ice on the hip worked. I hope you find something that works for you.
Twitzc, I am so sorry you are having this pain. This is one of my main sore spots all the time as well. The heating pad works so well for me. I hope if you try it, it works for you too. The icy hot patches work as well. Does the cold air make the pain worse for you? It sure does for me. Warmer days are ahead of us so I hope this helps with your pain management. I will say a prayer for you that you start feling better soon.
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