Fibro, Hashimoto’s and tendonitis

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Jul 26, 2022
Hello folks, I will try to do w/o writing a book. 53 male. Non smoker. Hashimoto’s and thyroid stuff since teens. 11 rear end accidents and many other serious injuries. 16 surgeries two cervical fusions (broken neck) lumbar fusion Just had complete blood work by trusted rheumatologist and only slightly low D. Thyroid is perfect #s. Weight decent diet very good.

Other than chronic neck and back pain I have issues tendonitis and bursitis in many joints. Trigger finger all fingers (had emg and NCS) and barely any damage from neck. Pain in arms and legs on top of everything else - always.

Has anyone had similar issues? Without covering myself with biofeeeze I would never sleep.

Last any suggestions for fibro specialists in Raleigh Durham area of NC?

Thanks so much I appreciate all your posts and replies. I wish you much health and wellness

Btw, meditation is what has kept me sane the last 22 years
Good to hear how much meditation helps you!
Sounds like typical symptoms/issues.
Biofreeze(?) all over sounds like my cold showers might help?
Have you found good exercises for local pains and how to pace for the overall pain?

Our homepage may help you with its doc lists...
Not open for further replies.