Fibromyalgia Hereditary?

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Re: Hereditary?

YES. Some studies have shown there to be a hereditary factor to inheriting Fibromyalgia. Soon after I was diagnosed my mother visited the same Rheumatologist. She also was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I think that fact corroborates with the studies shown that this dreadful illness may be shared between parent and child. However, my case of Fibromyalgia was considerably more severe than my mothers, meaning that the hereditary portion doesn't necessarily affect the strength or grade of Fibro symptoms. Our cases are nearly totally different.

I can almost assure you that mine was hereditary. Nothing else played much of a factor with my onset. With that said, I'm about 99.9 percent certain that the children of Fibro patients are predisposed to "catching" it.
From what I've read, it's not specifically hereditary in the classic sense of diseases, but instead, you can have a high predisposition to Fibromyalgia. Similar to how addiction isn't directly inherited, but instead, you inherit a predisposition.

In laymen terms though, I think it's the same difference to us :)
I'm a third generation sufferer and maybe fourth. Great granny had troubles but we don't know for sure it was Fibro but in retrospect we have our suspicions.
so if that ain't hereditary I don't know what is!
I believe,as well as, my Rheumatologist, there is some auto-immune connection also.It is probably in the near future, they will link this with other auto-immune diseases along with gene identification. This may allow other options for treatment. In my family tree on my mother's side, there is an auto immune disease in every generation.
I believe it is.

There have been so few studies on fibro because of misconceptions on the professional level, but luckily those misconceptions are starting to fade. It's hard for me to think that it isn't hereditary though, as my grandmother was diagnosed with it shortly before she died (of cancer), and while my mother refuses to get screened, she shows very obvious (to me) screened. Two of my aunts also have been diagnosed.
This is always scary for me. When I am ever asked about heredity and certain diseases. I was adopted when I was 8 weeks old. At the time adoptions were called closed adoptions. I have no record of any past illnesses or diseases that I may have in my chromosones. I had gestational diabeties when I was pregnant with my younger son. And I also have hypothyrid. I know I have alot of pain through out my body but have not been officially diagnosed with fybro so I can't really count that. I have been told that both diabeties and hypothyroid can be hereditary.

My teenage boys at this point, are both healthy and have no signs of any of my conditions. I am concerned too because my first grandchild (a baby girl) will be born in July.
Yes, some studies have already revealed, also I studied it in school.
It is a bit unfair for the kids but the life is unfair at all.
It maybe that way in some families, but alas I am the only one in my family with this illness. It seems like it could be hereditary as it seems to follow a certain pathway that affects certain areas of the body with terrible pain. May be the link is in the hard working personality that gets stopped in it's tracks and falls into a depressed state since it can not work the way it wants too. I wish researchers could find the true cause of it.
Two of my aunts have fibromyalgia along with me so I am thinking maybe yes.
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