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Jan 26, 2024

Hello my names Luke, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 29 and I'm now 45, I don't need to tell everybody about the ins and outs of what I suffer with as everybody on here reading this either suffers with or has something similar, maybe your family member/friends etc etc but you all understand the life changing effects it has on us all physically and mentally (Ourselves and everybody close around us). Myself and my wife have been together for 27 years (since school) and have 4 beautiful children who are loved dearly, unfortunately over the years my illness has got worse and worse and more debilitating the older I've become to the point where i had to leave my job as a carer for patients with brain impairment (i.e. dementia, Alzheimer's etc), to then be the one who needed caring for. My wife also had to leave work as I need care most of the time. My wife and children are amazing and the kids have grown up knowing their dad is poorly and help out so much.
Unfortunately, after having to leave my work on medical grounds and my wife having to leave her job as a teacher it left us in a huge financial hole which was going to be the case and we understood the circumstances (to a degree) that we would be in financial hardship. Since i left work 6 years ago I started to get depression and didn't want to go out or see anybody and in the end had a mental breakdown which destroyed us all, i understood over time that i had gone from being a healthy 6ft 4 rugby loving husband and dad who brought in the money and was the man of the house (super dad) all the way down to being nearly useless to anybody and no matter what anybody said to me i was not the same old me and never going to be, i spent all day in bed I ballooned to 25st and basically gave up. On top of all this I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, sleep aponia and various other illnesses (Which again most of us all understand goes hand in hand with fibro and M.E. etc). Now living in the Uk (a very rich country) you would think because i was ill and my wife was caring for me and through no fault of our own, we would get some sort of help and support ( especially with our mortgage and bills) but as you probably don't find surprising we got no help what so ever. We were lucky enough to have our own car and house through a mortgage and other little things that we could afford because we worked hard but when I got ill and finally had to leave work and my wife finally had to leave we had to go on to benefits which were very much appreciated but unfortunately we had our house taken from us and our car and every other thing that was worth anything, now I understand that all them things are exactly that ( just things) and it was incredibly hard to let it all go but we all still had and still do have each other and through the good and bad we managed to get a small house to rent and after going through bankruptcy we managed to build on what we had, this has been a struggle just like millions of other people struggle and make do in the Uk and around the world ( please don't think I don't feel privileged living in the Uk and having the luxury of food and water etc and feel incredibly bad for countries where kiddies walk the streets bare foot and where war is happening I count myself and family so lucky and send all my love, healing and prayers to them poor souls) but like I mentioned above I live in the UK where again we worked hard to get what we had but when illness took hold and my family did what family's do and took care of me we feel like we have been punished. In the past 8 years on top of everything else we have had to live in a rented house which we had to take as we had nowhere at the time to live as our house was taken from us, the house we rent was meant to be temp as the council where helping us with council housing, well we are still waiting on that housing and any help from the council at all, our rented house is terrible and don't mean it's got small bedrooms or anything like that I mean you would feel sorry for rats living in it, its riddled with damp the heating system is breaking down constantly the windows don't shut or lock the floorboards are crumbling the shower leaks through the kitchen ceiling which collapsed 2 years ago so there is a huge hole between the kitchen and bathroom above, water leaks in to the electrics in the kitchen so we are scared to leave anything on at night in case of a fire, my wife and children are constantly ill with asthma and colds we are all so unhappy and have asked for help so many times from our council and they have excuse after excuse as to why we cannot be rehoused and the landlady uses a company to do her "Handyman* Jobs but are well known cowboys who Truley don't have a clue but get away with it, this is a living nightmare all we want is somewhere safe to live and be able to go to sleep on a night without having to worry about a fire starting or a roof caving in, I agree we have a roof over our heads but we live in the Uk we worked hard and through nobody's fault i got ill surly that must count for something. We have empty houses in this town which have all been inhabited by foreign nationals and I understand it's not their fault and good luck to them but what about your own citizens born and bred and struggling and begging for help and getting non. I'm hoping by bringing this to everybody's attention I may be able to do something about the problem myself and do what this country does on a regular basis and beg for money to be able to get myself and my family out of this house and in to a house that doesn't have the problems that I mentioned above. I know people won't agree with what I'm doing but need to do something and if it's asking for help of people (decent people) who understand where I'm coming from then so be it. Please believe me when i say we have tried everything even down to our local mp and still nobody wants to help, i also know people will say well rent somewhere else? Well we would love to but there are bonds and rent in advance and costs associated with this, we currently struggle to eat and pay gas and electric so please dont blame a man for trying to do something for his family, i also know people will be giving negative feedback but that's your right and Goodluck but i won't respond. Please please if you can help myself and my family then private message me any amount would be kindly appreciated, again sorry to beg but I'm looking after my family something that the Uk should be doing instead of the billions being sent elsewhere. Thank You and Godless, Luke and Family
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hi @lukeyboy2930

A few more paragraph breaks would help immensely. I cannot read that in one go, as it becomes a bit overwhelming, for want of better word.

I'm gathering you are seeking financial assistance, and I truly believe this is not the site to be asking for that on.

@sunkacola and/or @JayCS would know more about that, as I am fairly new here.

Hi. The forums will give you heaps of support, as in how others are managing, and from that you will pick up tips that may help you.

Browse around and feel free to ask questions. :)

Welcome to the forums.
@lukeyboy2930 , I have edited your post to remove the email address you posted, as it is very unwise to put any personal information in a post, and any outside links are not permitted.

I have been unable to read your post because it doesn't have any paragraph breaks and many of us have too much difficulty reading a solid block of text. If you decide to post here again, please break up your text appropriately with paragraphs.

If you are asking for money, this is not the right place to do that. You might want to set up a GoFundMe account or something like that.

As BlueBells says above, we can help with questions you may have about how best to manage Fibromyalgia, but we cannot help you with money.

Also, I notice that you posted the same message twice. I have deleted your other post. Please do not make double posts.
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This exact message has been posted elsewhere on the web too.... Wasn't the right place to ask either.