I just joined today.

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Darlene s

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Feb 21, 2013
I'm hoping to chat with other people who have been cursed with this awful disease! :-|
Hi Darlene we are happy you joined the forum. I flinched when I saw you call it a disease, but some studies are showing it is true. I believe officially it's a "syndrome" right now and that's how I've referred to it to friends and family but like doctors know little, researchers are unsure also.

I read this, but it's almost 5 years old now: Fibromyalgia a ?Real Disease,? Study Shows

The Doctor OZ show had a good series on Fibromyalgia, you can see excerpts here:

Dr. Oz Fibromyalgia: Dr Mehmet Oz talks about Fibromyalgia in the TV show - YouTube
I remember watching that show, most of the audience was affected.

I remember thinking that it was probably the most people affected by fibromyalgia in the world and that I wish I was there to experience it.
It is good that doctor oz is doing the shows and reporting about this illness. It sort of validates, that it does exist. I found the video to be very good. If more doctors talked about it and studied on treatment we might have a cure or at least more pain medications that really help.

It was interesting learning about the pet scan that showed the blue areas of a brain with fibro having blood flow problems.

Thanks for sharing this David.

Darlene, Welcome to this forum. I hope you will continue to visit and do posting around the forum. It helps us as well as you, just knowing we are not alone and that someone else needs our guidance and help in dealing with the day to day stuff. I am glad you found us. :)
Thanks David. My tablet hasn't got the right gizmo to play the video or slideshow but it had lots of very interesting reading.
Welcome to the forum :)
And great video!
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