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Mar 14, 2013
I have a feeling my boss is slowly weeding me out of the work schedule. I have tried to make it to work as much as possible. I think I called in twice in the last six months. But she has complained about me not being fast enough. So I may be running out of time on this job. But I may just be paranoid. Time will tell, I am on the schedule for this week but she may call me off. But like they say, when one door closes another opens up. I feel better talking about it too.
Well I hope you're a touch paranoid.
It's hard enough to find a job let alone when you're struck comical like us.
I got my fingers crossed for you
Oh honey that is just awful, I do hope it is only paranoia and not a real problem. have you discussed your disease and diagnosis with your boss? This might help her to understand you better and to accommodate you a little.

Our labor laws are such that you can only lose your job if you are found guilty of breaking a serious law of the country, gross negligence and safety procedure mishaps.

If I should lose my job here because I am sick I can pass a discrimination claim along to my company.

I hope you get a positive result soon.
Libra, I hope you're being paranoid, too, but you honestly just never know. As the saying goes, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you."

If you have not discussed your condition with your boss you need to do so NOW. You need to get a doctor's note outlining what accommodations you require to do your job.

If you haven't already, please familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities under the Equal Employment Opportunities Act. Overview

Also of interest may be the Job Accommodation Network's suggestions for accommodations for those with fibromyalgia. Accommodation Ideas
Hey there, I hope your wrong about it as well. Take the above steps that everyone before me has recommended, and pray that your boss is just stressed about something else and will not drop you as a result. Sometimes bosses make comments hoping you will try a little harder so that the boss above them stops giving them grief. Maybe this is the case and she is trying to safe your job, instead of trying or thinking about dropping you.
Talk to her and let her know how much your job means to you, and tell her about your health conditions. Keep us posted. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you don't lose your job. :)
Well it looks like it is true. She had me work just one day last week. And off for most of this upcoming week. Yes she is very aware of my condition. And she has mentioned that there are certain qaulifications for the job and if I cannot do them then that puts me out of luck. Iam a housekeeper. I have seen her first hand do this to a girl who became pregnant. They did not fire her. Because they did not want to pay the unemployment. So they kept her on the schedule, but gave her a very minimal amount of hours. Enough so that there could be no way for her to gain a descent paycheck. So she did eventually give up and quit. Well I found out there is such a thing as "under" employment. When your hours get drastically cut down you may recieve compensation. Somewhat like unemployment. So I am going to go for it and see what happens.
Libragirl, in addition to applying for Unemployment/Underemployment, you should have a talk with someone at your local Workforce Commission. I once got fired from a job for taking off too much sick time (with a doctor's note!) and they managed to finagle it by saying my files were out of order. Well, yes, when I'm not there and people go into my file cabinet and pull things and don't put them back, that happens... My local WFC was rather unhappy with how things went down. Tell them that your company has a habit of doing this and tell them about your former co-worker. I'd also see if they can refer you to local offices of the EEOC so that you can see if you have a case against your employer for discrimination. I'm not sure exactly where the law lands as far as having to meet certain qualifications vs. what accommodations an employer must make. It may be that one of your accommodations may be that you need less hours - but the length of your hours should be decided based on discussions between you and your doctor, not arbitrarily by your employer.
I hope your wrong, jobs are hard enough to find these days. I was looking for work when I was diganosed with Fibro and I got plenty of jobs, I just couldn't keep them, kept getting fired. I am now on a dissability penson thank goodness. I wish you luck on keeping your job.
There is that. I seem to remember a question on the application as to if you'd ever been let go from a job for reasons relating to your disability.
I see you wrote this a few weeks ago, Libragirl67... has anything resolved with your job? I hope that issue about giving you just one day of work was only a fluke for that one week. Has there been any improvement in your job situation? :-(
I am sorry I have not updated sooner. I sat down and had a long talk with my immediate survisor. I do not know how much was honest on her part or what was bull poop. But they did say they are definetly not lettting me go. That things have been incredibly slow and that they are just hanging on waiting for the season to pick up. She said within the next few weeks I should expect more hours. So I am kind of in limbo right now. But the good news is the summer season is upon us. And jobs up here are very plentiful in the summer. So even if I cannot find something permanant. I may be able to find at least something part- time for right now anyway. So I am hoping that either way things will turn around soon. Thank everyone for the encouragment. I really appreciate it.
Oh, this is good to hear! It sounds pretty sincere to me, and the economy has tanked so horribly in the
last few years that things being slow for any business is very likely. I hope she was being truthful when
she said to expect more hours soon!
I am happy to hear that your supervisor has clarified things and decided to keep you there. The economy is definitely not in a good shape so it would have been a difficult situation for you if your supervisor had decided to let you go. When we suffer from something, we become kind of paranoid and often there is no one around to comfort us. Take care of your health now that you are out of the uncertainty zone.
Hopefully, things will work out in your favor. As others have mentioned, the job market is bad enough. That combined with health issues is more than enough stress to deal with. I can relate, and hope all is well :)
I feel you. I had a freelance work as a writer and it has been helping me a lot in our finances and I have had that writing gig for a year. Later, my boss won't email me and give me new articles to write, but he still shows up every once in a while. The once in a while turned into once a month of giving out project. Once a month. For a measly amount and a very seldom to almost none project, we won't survive with that. So I had this inkling that he is sort of discouraging me to write for him anymore, but I still hang in there since I need to hear it from him straight. But since I already had the inkling, I scouted and searched for other jobs to augment the finances. So by the time he told me that he did not need my service anymore, I already had a back-up work. Though this new work that I got won't pay as high as the previous one, I am still thankful for it. Big or small, the pay that I am getting still is a big help for our finances.
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