Muscle relaxants

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Izac Joz

Jan 17, 2013
So, how many of you take muscle relaxants for Fibromyalgia? Its a pretty mediocre treatment, but its still widespread enough.
My mother was talking about this with her physician. He suggested it as a form of treatment. Any specific kind that should be taken? I know she has some concerns about muscle relaxants. Does anyone know if that would have an effect on her IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)? For some reason, she thinks it would cause problems with that issue. Fibro and IBS combined are definitely not a good combination.
I use them sparingly. I don't want to overload with them because it is more of a pain reliever rather than a cure. But we've used these from time to time in order to make patients more comfortable with other treatments.
Aren't muscle relaxants addictive? Do you need to watch how often you're taking them?
Many of the patients that I would care for would take muscle relaxants. However yes they can be addictive, just like any pill or injection you take. The person just have to make sure that their taking the proper dosage and not overdoing it or otherwise it can become addictive.
They're addictive and habit forming, but it can take the edge of the tension for certain localized pain. I take them for my upper back and top of the shoulders. I try to stick with the over the counter variety in my state, but sometimes something stronger does make for much better relief.
I was tried on those as I have a temperamental back problem as well but they zonked me out too much.
Made the fatigue ten times worse and made me unable to work.
I'm just sticking to my pain meds for now
I was given those for my muscle spasms, but I also take them very seldom only if the pain gets really bad because I am afraid of the side effects and all. Does anybody know of anything else that is good for muscle spasms?
I took them so I could relax my muscles enough so I could sleep. They helped prevent muscle spasms and cramps at night. But after taking them for about a month I started having bowel problems, as in the medication relaxed the wrong muscles, and the lack of control in this area became a big problem. I was only on a very low dose at 10mg, and so I had to quit using the pills all together. But if someone is having lots of muscle pain it might be helpful using the pills. To solve my sleeping problem I bought a feather-stuffed bedpad, which keeps me warm and softens the bed so I can sleep and wake up without pain.
I have never heard that muscle relaxers are addictive...I have been taking them on and off for years and have NOT become addicted to them what-so-ever. They do help me to get some much needed rest, but they do not take away my pain. I am lucky in the fact that they don't interfere with any other bodily functions, although Baclefin gave me a sort of Narcolepsy where every time I drove any distance I would nod off - I had to stop taking those!
They can be addictive, but really, just about anything can be if you have that sort of personality. Here's what I read on one website:

Some muscle relaxers require a prescription and are a controlled substance. Muscle relaxants are a commonly abused substance. People with a history of drug or addiction should not use muscle relaxers and should never mix them with alcohol. The pain relief muscle relaxants provide can become addictive to those in chronic pain. Also, when someone's body becomes used to the daily intake of a muscle relaxers you can become dependent on them to function. You could experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking them.

I'm glad you said "on and off", otherwise I might suggest that you taking them for years perhaps suggest addiction :) (I'm just teasing)

I'm similar, when I'm tense and in pain it makes it all but impossible to fall asleep, which then leads to some very bad days.
I have muscle relaxants also, but I only take them at bedtime to help with sleep. I was taking a sleep med. but decided that I was taking too many meds and I (with my GP and pain clinic) are helping me to wean myself to the barest minimums, so I can function and still sleep
This is actually the only thing my doctor will give me. I've tried things like Lyrica and they don't work. Then I tried NSAIDs and found that they actually make me depressed. Doctors around here simply don't prescribe pain pills, which is unfortunate.
What muscle relaxers have anyone tried? Dr. gave me Skelaxin, which did nothing, and Flexeril which knocked me out for 18 hours! Really have to find some relief!
Man, I'd go nuts for something that'd knock me out for 18 hours! Maybe I could finally get some sleep! Then again, I'd most likely wake up in pain (which is what often wakes me up) and soo stiff I couldn't get out of bed. I just can't win there. I'm on Tizanidine. I like it because you can get 4mg pills that can be cut into 4 (depending on the generic you get, mine aren't always pre-scored). I take 2mg 2x daily.
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