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Oct 25, 2017
This part of the forum looks like it died so I'll try to wake it up.

And I'm so excited! I got my stuff. I got a Zabuton Zafu for meditation. I'm up to 15 minutes a day and about to move to 20. It is sooo comfortable. It appears I can't post a link but it's a big square pillow with a little pillow for your butt and relieves pressure on the hips unlike sitting on the floor. You sit on the butt pillow and put your legs on the bottom,bigger pillow. It anyone plans to seriously perusing meditation I'd highly recommend getting one.

Also I got a new, red patterned yoga mat. My cats scratched up the one I was using! Going to use it tonight actually.

I found a place near me that does intro 30 dollars for 30 days of unlimited yoga sessions. They even have restorative yoga. I definitely want to do that soon.

Anyone else into yoga/meditation? Anyone interested in yoga/meditation? Any experiences with yoga/meidtation?
Yoga and them whenever I can do them :)

I did try a zabuton zafu during the mindfulness meditation I took about 8 years ago. Sadly for me, it was never all that comfortable so the instructor helped me find a comfortable pain-free position lay down on the floor (and giving me her best pillows, bless her :)) This was back in the days I was working 60+ hours a week, 3 hours in traffic every day etc....= too much.

The course did help me a lot. I never managed to meditate for more than 10 minutes since, but I continue to do the 3 minute little meditation breaks and body scans whenever I can.

As for yoga - love(d) it! 15 years ago I even trained to be an instructor! Sadly that did not last all that long. Nowadays I am only able to do the most basic yoga moves once in a while. I have one arm & shoulder that don't work with me, so all those moves depending on having both your arms/hands on the floor (yes, that includes the downward facing dog, it sucks) are history for me. But I still enjoy all the other moves (or my variations of them!)

With the new yoga classes you are thinking of going to; remember to take it easy. Even if your body tell you otherwise, calculate the next day effect just in case. Really pace yourself and build up slowly, and enjoy; our fibro motto :)
As far as new stuff , I just got a super soft plush fur lining with hand made wool knitting shell bootie / sleep in slipper.

My feet softly purr inside them, so warm!!. :smile:

I have buzzy nerves in my both feet most of the time but with this it's now a soft buzzing only zone. :-o

I love the thoughts of yoga and meditation. As meditation I can only do them in my vivid dream cause my body and my brain can't seem to shut up. Really I do . I have lots of crazy vivid dream all the time so I tried to drill the idea of meditation in my head while I'm about to go to sleep. It's interestingly works. 8) I had a few meditatiom sessions in my own dream.

Yoga on the other hands, I just have 0 balance in my body.
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