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Mar 11, 2013
When lifting a feather pillow to put on a pillow case feels like you're trying to lift a ton. REALLY?! Come on body, work with me here. I know I had PT yesterday, but that was all leg and lower back work, and barely counts!
When lifting a feather pillow to put on a pillow case feels like you're trying to lift a ton. REALLY?! Come on body, work with me here. I know I had PT yesterday, but that was all leg and lower back work, and barely counts!

I hear you. It's laundry day here, too. Trying to fold clothes is tough when fingers don't want to work. Not to mention making a bed with clean sheets. I used to do this twice/week. Not anymore.... it's a tough job!
Woke up to rain today and the bedroom window is leaking. I got the first load of laundry in the washer and it started screaming as it switched to the rinse cycle. DH is going to load up the laundry and head to the laundromat :( Apartment maintenance will be here on Monday, zoiks.
I understand how frustrating that can be, but you can't give in, you need to move forward no matter how hard it is. I am sure you will find a way to do it, because I read the other post about the work you did around the house. I think you are inspiration for many people around here.
How about how heavy a sheet or blanket can feel when your covered up in bed. Sometimes the lightest weight sheet can feel like a elephant is sitting on your legs. Laundry day, is hard with hauling the full basket of dirty clothes down the cellar steps and hauling the clean clothes back up those steps. Then up 14 more steps to the bedroom. When younger it was a breeze, now it is a struggle. :(
OMG yes! It's amazing how heavy just sheets can feel. I also can't wear heavy coats in the winter because it hurts so bad!
It is truly disappointing when our body turns on us. In my case, its' an entirely weird disease that no one has heard of and apparently, does not know how to handle. Sjogrens, in the family with your fibro, has many of the symptoms and all the pain!
You fibro people at least have a forum; I have you!
These last couple of weeks have been cold and rainy. the weather is suppose to dip down to 59 degrees tonight and this is early August. Last year the weather was so hot and muggy that I could hardly breathe and now it is cold. My legs have been throbbing like toothaches these last several days. I go to bed in pain and wake up in pain. I have used my pain medications, but pain lingers. This type of damp weather is hard to bear and yet we must deal with it the best way we can.

are others here having trouble with the cold and damp weather? :(
Hello all,

I live in Southern CA and the temperatures here are very hot right now. Last night I had to lay in front of my A/C unit for an hour because my legs were burning so badly. :/

So sorry for the pain you guys are feeling!
Sometimes, you have to get up in the night and go potty--many times, in my case. It is a struggle to push the comforter off so you can get out of bed! That's bullshit--do you agree?
YOu do your shopping, sitting frequently in the store on any surface---hot water heater salt, cases of water, whatever will hold you. You have a grand child who will kindly carry up your groceries altho God knows he won't help put them away! Even so, carrying that little bag of prescriptions, you must climb, on hands and knees, up the stairs. What has my life come to?
I'm not always sure how to keep going; it's sometimes very tough. I read article in AArp Magazine about older people committing suicide because they suffer so with pain (not necessarily fibro) and are unable to get drugs that help. I truly get it because I have not been painfree in five years! My husband has not been painfree in a month and a half and he doesn't even have vciodin to cope!
I am not suicidal but gosh! Why does life have to be so hard?
The other night my leg, the one with neuropathy (is that a fibro symptom?) was pulsating or something so bad, I seriously thought there was something under the covers. I actually got up and pulled the comforter off to see! I thought it was a cat or a rat or something that had got in or my grandson had let in! It was just me and it was just weird and it was the only time that happened!
So sorry, Cinde... that has to be horrible. Right now, I've been feeling relatively good.... it's surprising to me the energy that is back. They "upped" my dose of thyroid meds and I'm wondering if that is making the difference? Either way, I am thankful.

Hope it gets better for you!
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