Questions about fibro.

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Feb 21, 2013
I went to the doctor this week because I had what I believe was a sinus infection. I had ear aches and one other weird symptom. It hurt to touch the back of my head and my scalp as well on the side of my head

Wen I mentioned this to my doctor she asked me if I have ever had been talked to about Fibromyalgia.

Is that a common side effect for people?

Anyways, I am on antibiotics this week, sort of clearing up. My head or scalp is no longer hurting but I was curious I guess if this is a normal symptom for sufferers?
Yes, to your question Jowjo, weird strange head pains go with fibro. Sometimes they are real bad, but glad to hear your feeling better. Ear aches and sinus problems can make them worse. I have had them so bad that doctors would say I had a viral infection due too lack of a better reason why I felt so bad.

Anyways, migraine headaches are similar and taking medication just for migraine can sometimes help if you get those pains again. I use it along with either cold wet cloths or the heating pad depending on how bad it gets and my mood for hot or cold. Laying down in a dark room and trying to rest sometimes helps. :)
I have a spot on the back of my head that, when I'm having a fibro flare up, if it's touched, I literally feel like I'm about to pass out it hurts so bad. It is at the base of my head where my spine starts. It's absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, I have found nothing that helps, so I'm not much help in that area. Hopefully someone else will have an idea as to what to do to help. Sending you healing blessings <3
I feel like I could have posted that myself...
I have the same exact pain right now, made a Dr appt because I thought I have a sinus infection. My head is so tender to the touch, it hurts when I dont touch it, but even more so when I do.

I had no idea this was a symptom of fibro!
I am new to this disease. What exactly is Fibro?
Jowjo, the painful scalp and back of your head could be the sinusitis affecting a nerve. It depends on which of your sinuses have been infected, your sinuses are all connected to your ears, and there are a lot of nerve paths close to our ears, if the infection have spread that far, the nerves could get involved quite easily. It has happened to me before, and it usually stops as soon as the infection clears.

If this symptom consists consult your doctor for a fibro work up. As fibro do have quite a lot of funny ways presenting itself.
Could be dealing with those spring allergies. I know that I have been have sinus issues and more headaches over the past week. It hasn't been fun, my allergies have been acting up a lot lately.
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