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Mar 14, 2013
Has anyone heard of the stem cell procedure? I do not know if this is a privately funded organization or not. But I saw this on the internet. They administer stem cells intraveniously. And the fetal stem cells stimulate the exsisting cells. They say it can possibly cure fibromyalgia. I do not know if medical insurance covers this. Nor do I know if it truly work or what the side effects are. Does anyone else have any info on this?
No, I have never heard of it. I'm going to assume it's probably an experimental treatment, which most likely, would not be covered by insurance. I think if it's something that really interests you (or your friend), you should do quite a bit a research from peer-reviewed sources. If it's something you might want to pursue, there may be clinical trials available.
I heard of stem cells being used in a form of cosmetic surgery. The warning with the story was that you need to be careful about where they inject those cells.

Apparently, a woman had stem cells injected into her eyelids to correct a slight genetic deformity. A few weeks later, she would hear a "clicking" sound every time she blinked. I seems the cells created something more like bone than the softer skin one find on the face.

This could be an urban legend, but if you know a few things about cells, mitosis, and the like, it is not an impossibility. A disorder could tell stem cells to create something completely unintended.
I would like to know about this also.
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