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was it some kind of allergy?
Now the CoV-jabs have revealed I have MCAS, plus I've never tested positive for any form of allergy despite always having had tons of intolerances outside & inside, the med rashes etc.'ll probably've been the MCAS, or in other words: an immune system overreaction of all of my "skins", outside and in.
I can relate. I had a similar experience before I got diagnosed since then I’ll keep a copy all of my medical records, blood tests and x-rays, which helps when you go to somebody new, which it seems like you might need to do. I take something for sleep, pain and depression I take so many medication’s. I hope you find someone who will listen to you because that’s the most important thing. maybe try a rheumatologist. Don’t give up.
"I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel, fast forward to my appointment (Monday just gone) he was the rudest man ever, snapping at me because I wasn't 'relaxing' enough when he was examining my movement, ignoring all my symptoms I was telling him, at one point he basically called me a liar because I was talking about how I'm exhausted nearly all the time yet can't sleep"

living in Australia I do not fully understand the problems that you overseas have with doctors - I live in a small rural town and have 3 medical centers I also have 15/30 minutes away from town at least 2 other medical centers these are all multi doctor centers and as I am a pensioner I don't have to pay to see the doctors. Specialists are about an hour away and if I see them at the hosiptal again I don't have to pay if I see a private specialist I pay the full price and get a refund of part of the payment from the Government. I changed doctors not long ago he was about 15 minutes away on the highway and now have a more caring doctor just 5 minutes from home.

I realise that our situation may be nothing like the situation in other countries and that it can be quite hard to get to a doctor. No mater what the system is no doctor has a right to be impolite or abusive to his patient
I hope you never have to see him again @johnsalmon , there's borderline gaslighting and abuse in the medical profession sometimes with Drs and specialists (definatly in my experience and with some others too!) the fact that we're meant to look up to Drs and accept their word as law sometimes makes us feel we are looked down on for being treated certain ways when we're told things and it's "NOT" ok, I feel there's a lot of narcissism in the medical profession on times especially when you try and tackle them on certain things/behaviours and diagnosis/ misdiagnsis (it's even worse when they're aware you have depression and anxiety disorders cos then they'll bring those into the mix) drs/nurse/specialist doesn't always equate care 🤗💚🤗
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here's borderline gaslighting and abuse in the medical profession
generally our GP's are quite good we have a lot of Foreign doctors especioally in the rural areas - these are fully qualified to the Australian standared. Currently I have a young Sri Lankan doctor my last doctor was a Bangladeshie The biggest problem is usually their accent. Generally our specialists are Australian born. The UK has the NHS but I don't think its as good as our Medicare system The US system I find quite complex
Totally agree johnsalmon, our Medicare system is great. I Really can’t complain.
Any time I have had something serious come up I have been lucky and got in and operated on so quick I hadn’t had time to worry.
But with the last few years of covid lock downs it’s really understandable having to wait now 4 years to get into see gastroenterologist 🤦🏻‍♀️. There is always someone worse off and their waiting too.
having to wait now 4 years
yep Covid has made some changes I usually see the specialists at John Hunter Hospital but was told there was a 2 year wait so switched and am seeing a private specialist. We still have high rate of covid in town here mainly with the seniors.
Yes my specialist is at JHH and I was told about the two year wait lol. Must be a good specialist lol
So 4 years with covid I am getting closer lol.
With getting dysphasia happening more often my gp can’t tell if it’s my reflux or the cervical stenosis. So think this was my 4th/5th referral saying my symptoms are worsening.
my visits with the neurogolist at JHH uses the internet so I can get to him when ever needed. They use a inhouse software not Skype etc He does not need to do hands on so it work perfectly.
Mine doesn’t or hasn’t said. How does he do a check up on your arms/legs ect for loss of sensation?
Sounds good though for the review, saves getting a driver to get to appointments 🤔 and suffering the extra pain from being in the car.
How does he do a check up on your arms/legs ect for loss of sensation? Sounds good though for the review, saves getting a driver to get to appointments 🤔 and suffering the extra pain from being in the car.
Oh and it'd save us from that much-loved jab in the thigh muscles and then tensing them to find out if our muscles and nerves are working well... 😬 :rolleyes:
Hello and welcome. I’m so sorry you’re being treated like this by doctors. (Big hug) the advice from these fibromyalgia warriors here is so helpful. And…..we listen, care and are experiencing these symptoms. All my best!!
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