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  • Watching all the kindness bouncing around on this forum! So many people battling and still finding the mojo to reach out and catch each other 💎
    There's a flare in the air this week. Keep trying to evade the dastardly fiend, but so far it's outfoxing me :rolleyes: Ice packs at the ready.
    Thanks for taking the time to write me a thoughtful reply to my first thread. I'm in a horrible place right now and I don't have it in me to write a proper reply but I wanted you to know it meant a lot to me.
    Thank you, David. I totally get you not replying, so don't worry about that! Your message means a lot to me too. Stay in touch any time, and stick with us - it's going to be worth it 🌤️
    Attempting to (gently) slay the fibro beast daily 🦖
    Trying to say to others what I think I'd benefit from hearing, were roles reversed. If I put my foot in my mouth, please forgive me!
    Always inspired by everyone here - you are each a warrior.
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