1. S

    Sparse eye lashes and brows

    I thought I posted this, but I can’t find it. I’ve been told it may be age (56) or an auto immune. Just wondering if anyone knows how to get them back. 😆
  2. R

    Wondering about symptoms

    Hi folks - brand new here. I used to think fibro was just all severe pain all the time, but recently saw something about the other symptoms and how the level and type of pain varies per person, and it made me want to research some more. For the past couple of years (ever since a seriously...
  3. D

    Face pain eye pain

    Anyone else have daily migraine eye pain sore throat and jaw/facial pain. The only thing i can do is use ice and not talk! Eating hurts ...my voice is now hoarse and the muscles in my throat and into my ears jaw eyes throb all day. This has been what i call a weak area with some flares but...
  4. vickythecat

    Couldn't even get up on time to go to the doctors

    ahhhh......for months I'd been coming up with excuses and reasons why I will have to wait till the summer is over to go to the doctor (I hate the heat and public transportation is real nasty in the heat over here). Now it is autumn, due to a family emergency I cannot leave my mom alone at home...
  5. S

    Diagnosed Today (this is long - sorry)

    This turned out a lot longer than I intended. TLDR: After many years of chronic pain I'm adding Fibro to my growing list of medical problems. Went to see my Rheum today for my three-month checkup, she said my most recent pain is a Fibromyalgia flare-up and that we will treat me going forward...
  6. C

    newbie just a bit bout me

    hi i'm carol.i have been diagnosed with primary fibro'secondary sjorgens and ischail bursitis all within months of each other and I've had granuloma cellular {excuse spelling in all posts please}for years.i have been on a lot of forums as I have been tested for lots of autoimmune...
  7. I

    Need some advice

    I am a bit lost and feel totally lazy and guilty right now. I would like some advice if possible. I am a male in my mid 30s and i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 9 years ago, and addison disease about 7 years ago. I did well for the first 3 years with addison. I was working full...
  8. VanGogh

    Does anyone remember how it used to be?

    I've asked a number of people including doctors if the remember how it used to be when ER's were only used for serious emergencies? Much to my surprise very few people recalled anything being different than it is now which is to say: if you can see your doctor or get an appointment with A...
  9. M

    No shame here/Dr. App, eyesight.

    I am starting to be open with people about fibromyalgia. My last eye appointment When being asked about why I had high blood pressure, I told her "I have fibromyalgia, I wont bug you with details, not many people understand. Her reaction took me by surprise. She said "my Mum has fibromyalgia...
  10. A

    Hi, I am new

    Hi I am new to this forum and I am really glad that I found this forum. I have some questions about FM. I am 25 y/o male. I had stressful life since my childhood and I remember that headache started when I was 8 or 9.I just want to give some symptoms of my health and ask for your help and...