1. S

    The Depression Letter

    Reading the Fibromyalgia letters made me think I should write one like it, only talking about Depression. So I just now did. And here it is: I have spent more of my life depressed than I have spent being not depressed. Most people don't think that is possible, but believe me, it is. Many people...
  2. B


    There have been a number of previous posts on acupuncture and whether or not these treatments have helped, but unfortunately those threads have been closed. So I guess I’ll just start a new one explaining my own experience. If anyone would like to share their recent experience with...
  3. CountryGirl

    Does anyone else take Naltrexone 4.5mg

    Well I'm new here so thought I would post. I've had fibro for several years and like many spent the first 3 screaming WHY & trying ever drug that the big pharmaceutical companies push. I tried them all and then found an amazing Dr who was willing to work with ME & let me lead my journey. For...
  4. Devilstompa

    Herbs for Fibromyalgia.

    Hello I am researching herbs and natural things has anyone had good experiences with herbs and what kind. I'm looking for something that will help for anxiety and pain thank you.
  5. M

    hi i am new to support

    Hello I have had fibromyalgia and severe chronic fatigue for 17 yrs. Being a very active, working, type A my whole life this condition has changed me forever. I manage one day at a time and have seen many doctors. I have experimented with medications, herbs, and lotions. There have been times...
  6. C

    natural botanicals blend

    A friend on this site, I won't mention the name. But the initial are: onward&upward.... Lol. Got me to thinking holistic medicine again. I went to my near by head shop and they directed me to a product called tranquility. All natural botanical herbs. This is a smoking blend. When my pain levels...
  7. T


    Hi, a very close friend of mine was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March this past year. I've been doing quite a bit of research on it and i found that most people with this disease are missing certain vitamins and minerals. I also dont really believe in western medicine so i started looking at...
  8. C

    Dr's in Charleston, SC?

    Hi all. I have been dealing with chronic pain which took my perfectly balanced (work full time demanding job and two very little boys) and threw it all out of wack. Depression and hopelessness creeper in. Then a slew of unbelieving or understanding doctors. I have been formally diagnosed by a...
  9. FeelingsFlight

    Just got a diagnosis!

    Hi, I'm Kai. I only realised I had fibromyalgia maybe 8 or so months ago. I saw two doctors before my current doctor, who gave me my diagnosis in May! I was sooo relieved. I'm young, and most of my life so far has been struggling with being disabled. On the one hand, it's rough that I'm losing...
  10. G

    Just joined and desperate for help!

    I am new to this forum and desperate for help. I am deteriorating so quickly and my life is changing so quickly I'm having trouble adjusting. I am open to any and all 'treatments, salves, pills, herbs....'