1. S

    Going in (expensive!) circles

    My rheumatologist wants bilateral, 3-view X-rays of my hands/wrists, feet, and ankles... to the tune of $700 estimated price. Neither the doctor's office nor my insurance seems able to tell me what the contracted rate that I'll actually pay. I've been on the phone since 8:30 this morning and...
  2. 1sweed

    Know The Signs of Depression

    Often time we wonder am I depressed or is this natural the way I feel. The mayoclinic, gives this list of depression symptoms. If these feelings last more than a few days seek help to cope with them. Signs of Depression: Loss of interest in normal daily activities Feeling sad or down...
  3. I

    Need to Vent

    I really need to vent so have decided to do it here. I have had fibro for 2 years, it is so severe I cannot work. My neurologist told me from the beginning he believes it is work-related. I filed for social security disability, got denied twice, filed my second appeal and am just waiting for...
  4. I

    Financial problems

    I recently joined this site and have been looking around at the different posts. I am in such a financial strain at the moment. I have not been able to work in nearly 2 years, have gone through all my savings and have had to resort to asking family members for help. I know the stress of all...
  5. G

    Fibromyalgia or ALS?

    trfogey has given you very good answers. He HAS ALS--he knows what he's talking about. Please--for your sake--stay with your GP and let them figure out what is going on. ALS just wouldn't take years. Just because you 'read' it doesn't make it so. People can come and post anything on the...
  6. G

    Re: Update and not a good one

    Re: Update and not a good one Hi Becky LOL, I can't press the buttons on my Ford to unlock the doors--or the hairspray can to fix my hair. The weakness is definitely not 'perceived' it's all too real. My fingers just collapse. I can hold things in my arms, though. The neurosurgeon is the...
  7. G

    Re: A few major concerns

    Re: A few major concerns Does anyone here know, from their journey to diagnosis--if atrophy is possible with MS? I keep thinking that if I had ALS, I'd be worse than I am after a year of atrophy in my hands. Is that a valid assumption? I know the neurosurgeon was concerned--but do EMG/NCVs...
  8. G

    Finally something for fatigue!

    Hi ALL! Well, here is the story. My daughter was diagnosed with narcolepsy 2 weeks ago. Her doctor gave her 150mg tablet samples of NUVIGIL. She took one, and it was like she had just woken up from a 2 year sleep. Coincidentally, my dad went to his ALS specialist in Seattle who gave him...