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Feb 4, 2013
Often time we wonder am I depressed or is this natural the way I feel. The mayoclinic, gives this list of depression symptoms. If these feelings last more than a few days seek help to cope with them.

Signs of Depression:

Loss of interest in normal daily activities

Feeling sad or down

Feeling hopeless

Crying spells for no apparent reason

Problems sleeping

Trouble focusing or concentrating

Difficulty making decisions

Unintentional weight gain or loss



Being easily annoyed

Feeling fatigued or weak

Feeling worthless

Loss of interest in sex

Thoughts of suicide or suicidal behavior.

If you feel that depression is getting the best of you please contact your local mental health center. They have counselers, that can help you no matter what your income is or whether you have insurance or not.
Hang on a minute... that's me too!

I guess I'm bipolar.

Manic depressive even.
But I guess that's what the meds are for....
anyone for a blue pill?
I'll take one. My favorite color is blue. lol

With all the symptoms of fibromyalgia, it would be a miracle if anyone did not get depressed. After all this illness makes doctor's roll their eyes at you and look toward heaven and makes friends and family shake their heads.

It makes husbands or wifes, sometimes think we are crazy and mostly we think that way too. Then when we have the diagnosis, do things get easier, "nope." It's not cureable they say go home and deal with it.

Some still don't believe and others think we complain too much. So we get quiet and withdrawn, and then the concern shifts in the other direction.

Fibro, is just a long roller-coaster ride that we need to hang on to and do the best we can. So if these feelings last to long then seek help. It will help you get better and you will come out with more ways to cope than you had before seeking help.
That it in a nutshell.
It's got to the point when hubby asks what's wrong I say nothing.
When friends ask if I'm ok I say I'm fine.
I only hint otherwise when it's far too obvious I'm not.
As for seeking help I need a top up of help and I hope to get some when I see doc on Wednesday.
Time to get him to check if there isn't something else wrong that's making me feel so desparately awful.
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