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Re: A few major concerns

Does anyone here know, from their journey to diagnosis--if atrophy is possible with MS? I keep thinking that if I had ALS, I'd be worse than I am after a year of atrophy in my hands. Is that a valid assumption?

I know the neurosurgeon was concerned--but do EMG/NCVs test for other conditions? I have a lot of experience with fibromyalgia and have had back problems for years--but (and I know most of you would say 'stop') my research over the last several weeks really seems more like MS than ALS.

Any idea how I can go about actually getting the insurance to allow the tests I need? Heck does it even matter? I'm 50 with a whole host of medical problems including a hx of a stroke, heart attack, diabetes, blood clots and the list goes on. (Which is why I have not gone to the doctor but one time in the last year--I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired)

Most of my medical conditions have been found either at my insistence (such as the blood clots) and the fibro (I insisted on being checked for it) the atrial fib was only found after I threw a fit after being accused of having 'anxiety' attacks (all of these things were years ago, by the way--not at all recently)

I'm pretty good at just plugging on--but to be honest the loss of the use of my hands and the extreme weakness in my legs now is scaring me.

ALS walk here in Florida tomorrow if anyone is in Orlando area. Also, does anyone know of a good neuromuscular specialist in central Florida by any chance?
The only thing I forgot to mention here: I lost the use of my right hand and wrist for about 8 months in 2007. There was no muscle wasting and it resolved itself gradually. The hand is weaker, but nothing compared dto what my left is doing now. The main difference is that with the right hand, there was absolutely no atrophy that I noticed--my doctor at the time attributed it to the blood clots I'd just been released from the hospital for--but there was no mRI or CT confirmation of that being the cause. In the back of my mind--it's what's making me wonder if my problem could be something less sinister than ALS--

This time, with the left hand and arm, there is absolutely no sign of any 'getting better' after a year--just worsening and spreading.

Sorry to whine--I'm extremely frustrated and worried. Is it even likely to have ALS along with all my other confirmed health issues?
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