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trfogey has given you very good answers. He HAS ALS--he knows what he's talking about. Please--for your sake--stay with your GP and let them figure out what is going on.

ALS just wouldn't take years. Just because you 'read' it doesn't make it so. People can come and post anything on the Internet. I can tell you that MS can take years to diagnose.

But--as you don't state your age, just that you're young--that also makes ALS extremely unlikely. You have better odds of hitting the lottery tonight than you do of having ALS if you're under 40.

Have you asked your doctor about fibromyalgia? do some research on it. It's treatable-and has so many associated symptoms, it'd take me an hour to list all of them.

As Trfogey said--6-8 months of symptoms would have caused some level of disability by this point. While some are slow progressing, as you have read--they still have SOME area that is not working--a hand, foot drop--something. Otherwise, they wouldn't have started on the diagnostic journey.

You may well find a doctor willing to do an EMG--after all, it's something that can be billed to insurance and it might give you peace of mind.

Also remember that MS can take years to diagnose--literally years. There are several types. Some NEVER have anything show up on a brain MRI.

There may well be something going on with you--you know how you feel, we do not--but your symptoms really don't sound like what most with ALS have experienced.

You can also look up BFS--benign fasciculation syndrome. Good luck to you. I really do think you can let a fear of ALS go.
Re: Opinons of my symtoms?. Possible als/mnd

A clean MRI doesn't rule out MS totally. It can be very difficult to find. Seriously. There are so many possible things that can be causing these problems you're having--but ALS is not likely--seriously, ti's not.

And remember, people that have ALS can and often HAVE had other health conditions. Having one thing doesn't mean you can't ever get something else.

Please do some more research on Fibromyalgia and MS if you're not able to just let the doctors continue searching. A neuro will generally order an EMG/NCV is they find anything that makes it a LIKELY possibility.

We do know our bodies--but it takes a competent doc to diagnose us.
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