1. M

    bee stinging feeling

    heres a new one for me, Ive had the sensation of a bee stinging me in my toes. Another Fibro symptom? Anyone else?
  2. P

    blotchy red/white palms - what's going on?

    HI all, The other night I suddenly noticed that the palms of my hands looked all red and blotchy, with red and white patches, and even some slight yellow. They're more red around the outside of my palm and my fingers. I don't know if this is a new thing or if I just hadn't noticed it before...
  3. Tipnatee N

    Chilblains have anyone ever got it?

    I know it's the winter illness but with fibromyalgia I suddenly getting them during summer heat . I'm very puzzling by it. When I was living in New Zealand 20 years ago I was diagnosed with this symptom call Chilblain . Chilblain is a very painful burning itchy red swollen on fingers and toes...
  4. Tipnatee N

    The neurobiology of stress-resistant brain & Learned helplessness

    These 2 article caught my attention which I found after I starting to suffer from Drowsiness anxiety. It's the symptom that after I felt intensive anger coming from my self then I get extremely sleepy and have to quickly go lay down to sleep for at least a few hours or more. ( no fight for me in...
  5. Tipnatee N

    Hypohidrosis ( absent sweating) in fibromyalgia

    One of my symptom in fibro is hypohidrosis , I really can't sweat at all normally. The only time I sweat is during my night sweat caused by sleep anxiety and sleep disturbance. Or just a feeling of sweating because my hair pores are being force opening to release heat on top of my head while...
  6. P

    Body tremor/shaking - Fibro symptom or drug side-effect?

    Hi guys, Having a rough few days. Yesterday stuck at home, today managed to get to work but not doing great. Anyway, aside from the usual pain, I've been having increasingly bad shakiness/tremors in my left hand, which seems to be spreading up my arm and shoulder and today my neck/head has...
  7. Sagey

    Plantar Fasciitis is so painful!

    Hi Everyone, I just felt a little better today because I was getting over a cold and flu.So of course I decided to clean the house and do laundry. Bad decision, lol my feet are throbbing in pain and very tender to walk on.I believe Plantar Fasciitis is definitely a symptom of Fibro. My...
  8. vickythecat

    a new symptom of fibro - jaw pain!

    I haven't been 'surprised' by weird aches and pains in a long time. Lately my right and left hips have given in (after 2 years of no pain), my plantar fasciitis is back (after 8 years), all combined with the 'usual' aches and pain. And now this.... This morning I woke up with pain in my jaw...
  9. C

    Drug induced symptoms

    There are drugs that damage parts of your body that can produce symptoms of fibromyalgia
  10. B


    I have a question of those of you who have FM. does anyone have problems lifting things. I find that lifting a carton of milk or something with even a small amount of weight in it feels like I am lifting a ton of weight. Also dropping things because I can't seem to hang on to it propery. If this...