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Feb 4, 2013
Somedays, just feel like I have been climbing a mountain of chores and stress and I am all out of energy and short of breath. Then seemly a day begins like I will have the whole day to myself to catch my breath and relax, that is until the phone rings and others pile on more stuff for me to do.

Handling stress is a constant battle, that no one can totally escape from. Even if you locked the doors to your home, there are still bills to pay and work to be done. Some days it is like running in circles or preforming a juggling act, taking care of yourself or your children and your partner or husband. And before the day is over your dragging from one spot to another knowing your already done for the day.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life? Are you often bogged down my requests from others of whom you can't say "NO" too, because then when you need help they won't be there for you? How do you handle the stress in your life?

If you have days like this please share your thoughts and feelings about them and your life in general. Looking forward to your answers. :)
My feeling overwhelmed varies. Winter is worse than summer because it is difficult to get around, the heating bills go up, and I feel terrible because the days are so short.

I have managed to weed out people making demands on me, though. They get tired of hearing me tell them about how I feel when they ask for one thing too many.
I can definitely relate to how you're feeling. Some days I'd do anything to just lock my door, turn off my phone and just cry into my pillow all day. The unfortunate reality is that I can't afford that luxury. Most weeks I can't afford a day off, even though I work so hard and I don't spend my money recklessly. And with my pain getting worse I don't know i will be able to keep working so much, and I just worry about how I am going to get by and pay my bills, rent and groceries.

But, I have to say that I am honestly amazed that some of you are raising a family. I feel awful all the time, and I imagine that many of you are in the same position. So it actually gives me hope.. to hear that you're in my situation, and raising children on top of it all. It's pretty amazing what you're able to handle and it shows how strong you are when it comes down to it.
I hope that ill get that strength too one day.
Yes I do have days like this as well. 1Sweed, you are definetly not alone in these thoughts. I have days where I can't stop, I can't just sit down. Sometimes, especially lately things have been crazy and busy. But the way I look at it is like this. If i did not have children or a job or a life to keep me busy. Then what would I have in my life at all. I love my kids, I need my job. And without all these things my life would be so very boring and empty. I know it can be overwhelming, believe me I know. But if I did not have all these things then I would be alone and ad. So even though it can be wild sometimes I am grateful for my life.
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