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Jun 22, 2015
Okay, stay with me for a moment. I know this is going to sound kooky, but this is a serious inquiry: In various 'new age' circles, people are talking about 'ascension flu', and describing it as the body not being able to keep up with the transitions the spirit is going through (evidence of the gap between the high vibration as we ascend to greater spiritual... uh, transcendence, and the physical body's lower 'earth bound' vibration). There is a lot of fuss about it, and the symptoms sound to me a lot like FM/CFS. So it got me to wondering...

Are people with FM/CFS also naturally more sensitive or more inclined to metaphysical, spiritual or religious mindsets than the rest of the population? OR does having FM/CFS cause people to gravitate in that directions, seeking answers in spiritual terms?

I absolutely am not looking for a philosophical debate, just wondering if there is a pre-disposition for a sense of spirituality that coincides with FM/CFS, or if it is a refuge after the diagnosis?

So, three questions:
  1. Do you consider yourself more spiritual, or more interested in spirituality than most people?
  2. Do you feel like your symptoms are 'negatively oppressive' from an outside force, OR 'transitional', indicating a passage to something new?
  3. Did your condition lead you to spirituality, or were you just as spiritual before your diagnosis? Or are you not spiritually inclined at all?
It's only fair that I answer my own questions first:
1> I do consider myself very spiritual
2> I feel like my symptoms are transitional, not something evil happening to me.
3> I've always been spiritually inclined.
Hmmm ive always been spiritual .why before I had this.funny thing is I did a survey in the town on being spiritual .
Now atm im going through a very big fear of dieing .which kinda contradicts itself.
I don't no weather what we have is lucky or judgment .u could argue good and evil has always been a struggle.and if it was that what do we do now.i don't even feel very worthy ,but then again maybe my spirit has other ideas, I've always felt like I'm inside looking out.
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