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Oct 23, 2017
Good Morning! I am forty yo male who had stomach issues in early May. I had extreme anxiety if not a break down of some sort when this was going on. I had a lot of tests endoscopy, colonoscopy, HIDA scan, ultra sound blood work for pancreas, gluten tests....all clear, given IBS diagnosis. Anyway around memorial day I began having weird pain starting in arm pits(no lumps) and would radiate down my flank, then it would be just a random place like my thigh muscle, then my wrist, totally jumps around. It's like my skin is sensitive to the touch almost like a mild burning sensation but yet there is a soreness even deeper that is reminiscent of flu like symptoms. I kept trying to research the pain alone and came up with all the scary stuff. Then I researched the IBS with random pain and of course fibro came up and it seems like I can't google anything with other things that I'm experiencing and fibro comes up. I can't say I feel fatigue while doing normal activity, just when I exert myself then I definitely have lost something physically. I also don't have tender points in the places I see on-line but I know I have tender points at places I know I didn't bump my self or have trauma.....but it does feel like a bruise otherwise
Anyway please feel free to give me ideas. I am going to pursue this with my Dr, I have already mentioned it to her 5 months ago.....I know I basically have to rule out the other bad stuff....hopefully we can.

Thank You
I suffering the same pains everyday. I've alway find these 3 symptoms to be quite common among fibro sufferer. but please keep in mind every fibro sufferer are different in terms of what they are suffering. And these are just small list among many other symptoms that fibro have. But they are good research material for you to look them up online while waiting for your final diagnosis.

Hyperesthesia : sensitive when touching ( mostly worst when someone else do the touching) you'll feel the pain striking at you all over the place from head to toes which very hard to pin point where it's going .

Paresthesia : crawling skin sensations, unexplain bad aches and painful cramps anywhere , random electric shocks pains , pins and needles pain, stingy sensation like bee sting, eye pains hard to focus , tingling numbing pains, etc.

Alloydynia : skin type pains, like feeling the burning sensation on your skin you can either feel the burn inside or outside like you have a high fever, pain from your clothing touching or your arm rubbing agaist you, sometime pain from air movement, extremely sensitive to temperature or humidity (severe hot flash cold flash) , and many many more.
Most fibro do suffer from many crazy sleep disorders, anxiety, fibro fog, etc. It's very hard to keep tacks of it all cause everything mimicing lots of other deceases and illness out there. So doctors have clear everything out of the way first before you can get a final diagnosis. Such as Lyme decease or Lupus, also do check for deficiency problem.

Like for me I often suffer from panic/hyperventilation disorder, which doesn't always apply to everyone here maybe some are just panic or just heart palpitations . Or some may suffer from apnea which I do not yet have, but I do suffer from Non-24 and many other weird and crazy sleep disorder such as RLS , vivid dream, sleep paralysis, etc. So many to choose from , but it's very good to getting to know all of it since we have to deal with it our self every single day. Not to mention my SPD ( sensation processing disorder) .

As far as feeling fatique , I'm too one of the people that have chronic fatique . I can hardly stand for long without my legs shaking me to the ground. I have lots of muscles weakness which make it hard to exercise without dealing with fast heart palpitation or hyperventilation. It's frustrating but this is life , I'm still trying anyway. ;)
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