Do you feel pain pain every second every day??

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Feb 8, 2019
Questions about pain?

(Im Swedish so sorry about possible spelling errors.)

Im am a guy, 40 years old, and i am going to a doctor to see if i have fibro in a few weeks.

I want to ask all of you who are diagnosed a few questions.

When you get examed.
One of the questions the doctor will ask is what areas you've had pain over the last 3 weeks, and you need to have pain in all four quadrants of the body.

I would like to know if you would have constant pain, every second of every day, and always in all four quadrants of the body? Or can the pain be felt mostly when you are active but absent when you lay down in a comfortable way? Does the pain go away somtimes?

I have pain hundreds of times during a day but mostly when i use my muscles. I use a muscle then i feel a pain similar to lactic acid, a kind of burning, then comes a numbing almost paralysing feeling, then it slowly goes away. This is one sort of pain i have. I also get pain if i press almost any muscle in the body.
But i dont have pain every second every day, if i lay down and dont move im mostly free from pain.

Of course i have other symptoms, but would really appriciate if somone could help me to understand how the pain is for you who have the diagnose.

Thank you!

I don't know if I would say I have pain every moment of every day but I can honestly say that any day without some kind of pain is extremely rare.
I would say sometimes i can distract myself from the pain by doing something ie reading l, chatting to someone and other times throughout the day the pain is far too intense that i cant focus on a single thing.
Hi Jimi, firstly, sorry to hear that you're in so much pain, but glad that you're on your way to getting some help. I have pain every day with flare-ups being every second of the day. Right now pain is an 8 out of 10. When you speak with the doc, tell it like it is as you have done here, don't tell them that it's not too bad. Make a list of all of your symptoms, how this is affecting your life, what your finding difficulty doing and write a quick synopsis of your pain. It might help to do that as sometimes we get a bit flustered when dealing with the medical profession. Don't leave anything out! You want to find a provider that you feel supported by, if you don't, then keep looking for someone that listens to you. Good luck!
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