Fibromyalgia symptoms are getting worse and I'm feeling terrible

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Totally agree 💯 the body can change and its horrible 😢 I've worked since 18 I'm now 39 and I can hardly move and it's due to me falling off a chair and now it's changed my life I can't do what I want and I'm so stubborn but I've had to change but @lonewolf 63 get the book and read it u can get online living with fibromyalgia its amazing insight xx
i did some light dusting ,and made a ginger cake on friday and iv just recovered , its so frustrating
am 63 and iv noticed mine has got worse as i went thru the menopause ,i feel fibro is hormonal imbalance
my periods were always to the point of crippling ,after hysterectomy on came stiffness and fatigue then the menopause more pain and more fatigue not to mention so many other symptoms , doctors give out pills to make you go away ,if they did more intensive tests esp hormonal ones i think they would help a lot more people .by getting to the route of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms
Any kind of stress (and menopause is stress on the body) can make fibro symptoms worse, but fibromyalgia is not a hormonal imbalance, nor caused by that, according to the best scientific research that is being done on fibromyalgia.

There is a lot of research on this. So far, despite all efforts that are being made by those who are making them, there is no known root cause of fibromyalgia. As noted above, people see symptoms start after a great number of different things happen in their lives, and also people develop it without any possibly precipitating incident or experience.

Also to be noted is that correlation is not the same as causation. In other words, because one thing happened following another does not prove the first thing caused the thing that followed. With fibro, root cause is unknown at this point.
Two top symptoms are insomnia and pain. Not clear on why you are being sent to a neurologist but assume there is a reason. I had some numbness in my hands and arm for a weekend that went away, and then migraines increasing, so I was sent for a work-up. I think I am probably reflecting a lot of our experiences in saying many of us get "odd" things that come and go and end up seeing a bunch of doctors, to say the least. I always urge people to get a good internist, not a gp or family doctor, as they have two additional years of training. Remember, fibro is a syndrome, so if you have some of the related conditions as well, it may make the case stronger. I have many of those going back many years, I realize, but only got diagnosed with fibro about a year and a half ago. That was when my insomnia started to get much worse and the pain started to develop for real. God's timing meant that it finally made sense. Good luck, will say a prayer, keep at it. Don't give up, one has to advocate for one's self. I get every condition that comes up treated. Don't think that because this or that is related you have no options. I treat the migraine, PT for the back pain or whatever and everything that comes along and it all helps. :)
I am going to see the neurology due me keep falling I have had problems sleeping since the age of 14 when I was digonised with M.E.
The pain is intense they have changed my meds as well I am on tramadol now as they have took me off oramorph and dihydrocodine.
And what is internist??
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