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onward & upward

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Feb 6, 2015
I finally took the plunge and decided to sign up and stop lurking. Mostly motivated by another fibro sight turning down my forum application. (couldnt believe that) So now here I am! Hope to bring some hope joy and plenty of whines to this little oasis of friendship.

Thanks for being here.:grin:
Welcome n thanks for joining our family.
I look forward to your posts.
Hi! I am sorry to meet you under these circumstances, but hopefully we all support each other and find answers that ease our suffering!

I can't believe another forum turned you down - how awful!
Thanks for the warm welcome ! Couldnt believe another forum didnt agree with my attitude about Dr's and NSA collecting meta data on the internet...but they did ask me to describe my thoughts..All I did is give an honest response. Ive never been politically correct...so I guess it figures...lol
Hello Onward, welcome. I'm new too. For anyone else lurking....COME ON IN! The more the merrier! Lol. I just found out that I have Sjogrens along with the fibro. Keeping a positive attitude because it could really be worse. We will have good days and bad days and we can share them here with others who don't think its in our heads, or it's not THAT bad ! :) Hope to hear from you soon! Here's to what we CAN do!
Welcome , and there loss we got u hehe. Don't sound like a site Id want to go to. Sounds more like a club ,if your face fits your in sorta place.i joined a dog forum once like that they all knew each other and when u tired to join in u might as well talked to the wall.
Not open for further replies.