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Karen May Jones

New member
Apr 11, 2013
Hey, I am happy to have found a forum dedicated to fibromyalgia! <-- google spell check is telling me I spelled that wrong. eheh.:p I'm a pain sufferer and I look forward to sharing my personal experiences and learning more about this condition on your forum. Thanks for approving my membership here. <3
Welcome Karen, I am also new here and still finding my way around. Still not sure on how to add friends so if you find it befroe Ido add me and a friend. :) I have all ready found so much information on here I hope it help you as it has me. :)
Welcome to the forum. So happy that you found this forum which is packed with information on pain and sleep problems, as well as, information on all the little weird symptoms that fibromyalgia produces just to scare us, or make our lives a living nightmare. I hope you will join in and make yourself comfortable as you ask questions or give answers, in all areas around the forum.

There are lots of people here willing to give advice and to listen, you can moan and groan, or share some tips on how you manage with the different symptoms in this illness. So what are you waiting for start posting. :)
Hi Karen, it is nice to meet you. 1sweed is right, there is alot here that will help you. There are alot of people who understand and know what you are going through. And there is alot of information and advice that we can all share with each other. I feel like this is the right path to be on when I am here. I think sometimes we all just need someone to listen to us. And it is comforting to know that we are not alone with this disease.

I hope you find alot of information and frienship here, welcome.
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