May I possibly have FM?

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Jun 19, 2013
For the past few months I have been feeling very tired, and am in pain all the time. My dr tested me for thyroid which came back normal. Lately the pain has been getting worse. I have only heard of FM on tv commercials. These are my symptoms:

Body aches
Muscle spasms
Always tired
Can't sleep
My legs hurt as if I had been working out
Can't concentrate
Mood swings
I was DX with PCOS in 2004
Ankle pain
Jaw Pain
Shoulder pain
Stomach Pain

Any advice?
I have an appt next Friday.
Do you get DX with blood work?
It does sound like you could have Fibro. Of course, only a doctor can diagnose this. Your symptoms can be caused by a range of other conditions as well. Some doctors seem to come up with a diagnosis by ruling out other illnesses that can cause the same problems. If you do not feel your doctor is looking into your symptoms enough, I would try to get a second opinion.

I am new to this forum. I have a couple people in my family who were diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I am so sorry that you are feeling the way that you described. A lot of the symptoms you listed could be fibro or it could be another cause. Ever since my mother was diagnosed I tried to do a lot of research about fibromyalgia. I noticed that there was a long list of symptoms! I truly wish there was a lab test that doctors could do to diagnose fibromyalgia. Hopefully you are in a position to follow up with your doctor.

Thank you
Best Wishes!
Thank you both. Just hope my Dr will take me seriously. I work in LE and don't know how I will continue feeling like this.
I do hope your doctor is helpful and supportive. It makes such a different when a doctor is really receptive and when they work hard to get to the bottom of things. I would write out notes to take with you for any upcoming appointments as well.
It could definitely be fibro, but you could also be suffering from something else. I'd not jump to conclusions if I were you tho, the only person who can diagnose you is a very well trained specialist. It took them a while to diagnose me, I had to search for several second opinions! Sadly fibro can't be diagnosed with a simple blood test...
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