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Aug 1, 2013
Hello! I was diagnosed almost 16 years ago and have come a long way since then. But this summer has been horrible for me and I was wondering if anyone else was dealing with this as well. Normally when I get a flare, it lasts a week (two at the longest). This time it's been going on almost a month . . . low grade fevers, stomach tightness, etc., and now I think I can throw anxiety into the mix because I keep thinking there MUST be something wrong (although, as you all know, any tests come back negative). Is this common? Thanks!
I should have told you all a little bit about me. I'm 61, married for 42 years. We have 6 grown children and 11 grandkids. I work as an HR generalist, which can be stressful! My husband retired at the beginning of the year -- which is REALLY stressful. :) The couple of years before I was first diagnosed with fibro I had a lot of things going on in my life . . a niece killed in a car accident, best friend diagnosed with luekemia, working full time and managing a large staff, going to school at night (and of course had to get all A's), trying to raise my family . . . needless to say I'm fairly certain what 'started' my fibro. When the doctor finally gave a name to how awful I was feeling, I was relieved. But after all these years, I STILL think "there has to be something else." So, that's a little of my background. Karen
Karen, I think when all else fails, they settle on fibro---don't you? It's like the poster child for women's ailments although I know one man diagnosed with it. If I were you, I would ask for a test for sjogren's disease, little known with many symptoms common to fibro. Inflamation of the joints, profound thirst, dry eyes, vaginal dryness. Constant pain.
Today I stayed in bed all day reading a book, just being lazy. When I had finished my book, I came out to the computer and I could hardly walk even after a vicodin. So---I walk and I am crippled! I lie too long and I am crippled. There is no pleasing this disease!
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