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Jul 24, 2013
anyone attending a pm doctor? Getting injections such faucet joint injections, epidurals for your fibro? If so, do you find it helpful? I also want to know for those who are taking Neurontin for ur treatment of fibro, what does it help you with? Do you find it to be beneficial for your pain?
Hi there- I was going to PM for a while. They basically got me addicted to Norco. BE CAREFUL. Being hooked on pain killers is awful and I'm still fighting the battle. Injections, I haven't tried that yet, but damn near close bc my Fibro is running my life right now. What hurts the most for you? Emotional, physical? What are your triggers?
I'm starting to learn what bothers me the most considering I've just got diagnose with fibro 3 weeks ago. I've thru alot of emotional drama for a long time, I'm talking years of stress that I thought I was handling okay but now I realize that my body has taken a beat down from so here I am with physical pain everyday all day. Now that I got the emotional roller coaster under control it more physical. Believe it or not I believe both are my triggers. I tried the ejections and they helped some, took the edge off but I still hurt.
Hi there and welcome to the forum. I take Neurontin for pain medication. It works well when combined with other medications and is not addictive.
I am allergic to most of the meds they have for fibro, so I use the neurontin with Excedrian Migraine pills. I think that if you can reduce the stress in your life as much as possible, that alone will help reduce your pain.

When we find out we have fibro often times we still think we can multi-task or think that by getting as much done as possible in one day will somehow make life easier. All it does is make our muscles tighter to the point they can not relax and the tighter they are the more we hurt. Learn to pace yourself and not expect everything to get done in a day, or a week. Stop being a perfectionest and do what you can and let the rest go.

That is much harder to do then you think because most of us are good workers and try to do as much as we can without stopping to take a rest. But with fibro you must relax or you will be in constant pain. Relax by watching movies or children at play. Read a good book or take a nap. Take a slow walk in the park and enjoy nature. Don't speed walk just go slow and enjoy yourself. Start a new hobby or pick up an old one. Take bubble baths. etc....

Hope some of this helps you, or gives you ideas on how to slow down and smell the roses. Have a good day! :)
Wonderfully said! I've been taking it but the Neurontin hasn't been working for me. My doctor just increase me to 300mg 3x a day and I'm still hurting. I don't see him again until September. I did notice that I don't have shooting pains anymore, but the lower back pain knees and hips are crazy.
I am newly diagnosed, Monday. I have not started treatment yet as I am waiting to see my PCP once the Rheumatologist sends his report. I have been in a great deal of pain for 3 months. By far my worst flare ever. My husband purchased a hot tub for me and we finally got it up and running on Tuesday. I cannot tell you how much it has helped me. I soak for 20 or more min before bed and had much less pain and have actually gotten some sleep.

I know not everyone has access to a hot tub but maybe a very hot bath before bed or if you have a jetted tub.
Hello all I ended up going to my Rheumatologist today because of the pain, he upped my neurontin again to 1,800my per day, wow! I've taken my first dose of 600mg tonight I thought I may feel kinda of weird but so far I'm tolerating well without any problem, still waiting for the pain to be under control at least a little bit with this drug. The doctor told me to give it sometime.

For those who have used it, how long did it take to notice a stable difference?
Well now your up in the big doses like me. It takes a little while for your body to adjust to higher doses. Sometimes you will feel extra tired or run down, when you continue taking it, it levels off pretty fast. Just be alert to other side affect symptoms that might show up like rashes or trouble breathing or with your balance. things like that would tell you that your dose is more than your body can handle and you might need to back off on the dose, with your doctor's help, for safety reasons. :)
My doctor did tell me if I need to lessen a dose back to 300mg for a couple of dose then ease back into 600mg. My morning does I felt light weighted, i would kinda "high" the edge was off a little, still had pain. So far no problems but I'll definately keep an eye out for any side effects you have mentioned.

Thanks 1sweed!
oH forgot to mention my doctor checked my tender points again yesterday and he said I was flaring, and asked if I had been stressing, last week I was a little bit. But why is it that when he press those points the next day I'm hurting more in those areas as if he agitated them
Thanks for the update. Don't you love it when the doc checks those tender points. A little poke here and there, while saying this won't hurt a bit. lol It never hurts them. :)

Like I said stress and over doing can really make a bad flare worse. The more you can take time to slow down and relax, the better off you will feel in the long run. Don't expect total loss of pain with medication, but enough that takes the edge off so you can enjoy your days. That way you will be able to handle more and not get hooked on any medication. Keeps you in control of your condition. :)
thanks 1sweed, I have been taking it easy. I'm glad to know about this Neurontin, because I have never taken a drug like it and at such a high dose.
I agree with 1sweed about learning how to relax. For me, I thought I was already relaxed. I didn't know that my body being in a state of tension was not normal, after all that did feel normal to me, until the pain started creeping in so much that I could no longer take it. I went to my pain management Dr who put me on Nucynta (a narcotic pain killer) that made me vomit all day. I might add that I have been on gabapentin (generic for Neurontin) for over 2 yrs for nerve pain after a surgery. I am on a low dose, because that is all my body can tolerate. I then went to my primary care dr because of depression from that pain and he put me on Celexa, which is an antidepressant. He said that it may help with the pain, too. He was right. I have been feeling great. I exercise daily, rest when my body says to, and take it one day at a time. I take 2 Advil at night which helps me sleep adnd keeps me from feeling so stiff of the mornings. I hope this helps.
anyone attending a pm doctor? Getting injections such faucet joint injections, epidurals for your fibro? If so, do you find it helpful? I also want to know for those who are taking Neurontin for ur treatment of fibro, what does it help you with? Do you find it to be beneficial for your pain?

Hi, I have had injections in my knees, shoulders, feet, and worst of all my left hip which was EXCRUCIATING. I hate the injections and only get them when I feel close to suicide because of the pain. I take Neurontin 300mg 3xday along with 100mg zoloft and 500mg naproxen 2xday. I don't think it's just the neurontin that helps. I think it's the "cocktail" of the three. I think each person depending on location, duration, and severity of pain finds different things to be helpful. This cocktail by no means completely takes away my pain, it just makes the day bearable and I am become used to living in pain. However, during those times when I just can't function and am literally in tears I need something more. I don't like narcotics because I know a few people who have gotten addicted. But, I have found that hydrocodone acetaminophen (I think that's vicoden) helps tremendously when the pain is really bad. I had some left over from when I sprained my thumb. Percocet also helps some, but again not a good choice because of the possibility of addiction. They had me on tramadol for a while which made me a zombie and now I can't take it because it interacts with the zoloft. Hope this helps.:shock:
Thanks "Hurting in Philly" I'm just curious on anyone who has found relief utilizing injection. I started using them, but I can't afford to keep paying the doctor and hospital for them. But we will see how things go later.

I had a great morning, considering I had much to do yesterday, I was in pain, legs hips, and lower back was stiffing up on me. I got to bed really late like 2 in the morning. Up at 6a.m. I decided to go ride my bike a little, you know just cruise a little. straighten out my car, which was so over due. I started to hurt and slow down after and hour and a half. Warm shower lunch date with a friend. dog to vet. Now my hip hurt so bad I mean like the pain is starting to travel down the leg.

I look in the mirror and I think it's swollen. Okay:( I took advantage of a very good day. I mean, I don't know where the energy came from, but I suffer now. I try to hope maybe I don't have fibro, but it shall manifest!
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