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Feb 18, 2013
I am fighting the sleeping issue and am not doing well. My issue is that I go to bed at midnight with or without sleeping meds and am awake until the early morning at which point I am able to fall asleep. The problem is that I cannot stay in bed all day and that the sleep I get is not restful and when I make myself drag my body out of bed I feel stunned. Help please. I need some good quality sleep.
In winter weather having cosy flannel sheets on your bed can help. Staying warm, but not to warm. Taking a bath before bedtime and sometimes by going to bed a little earilier can improve sleep patterns. I too have some nights that sleep will not come and I lay awake half the night trying to relax and go to sleep. It is usually when I am stressed about something, but other times have no reason at all. I have found that nights I stay up later are the nights I can not sleep as well, because I fought the urge to go to bed early and by the time do go to bed I am too tired to sleep.
Hi Michelle, I've had similar problems and have found that sweed's tips help, and also some of the old school remedies help such as:

- herbal sleep teas
- reading a good book
- a nice massage (if you have someone willing and able)
One thing I have tried as well is getting out bed when I am just 'tossing and turning'. I have found that when I toss and turn I am actually in more pain because I cannot get comfortable, which only exacerbates my not sleeping. Try getting out of bed and walking around, either coming on the computer or reading a little, then go back to bed and try again. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I have read though that if you are not able to sleep then you shouldn't stay in bed.

Good Luck!

Yes I have heard the same. So I turn on the light and read but it is then hours later! No self-control I guess.!
Michelle, my doc told me the other day to begin a very strict bedtime regimen and stick to it no matter what. He told me to pick a time that I am used to going to bed, for me that's 11 or 12, add eight hours to it and force myself to get into the routine of sleeping more, no less No tv, no books, nothing in the bedroom to keep me awake. I haven't been able to fall asleep the past few nights since my diagnosis though, and eight hours just doesn't feel anywhere near enough sleep, because I'm awake several times through the night so I wake up more tired than when I went to bed. I'm gonna have to figure this one out soon, but thought I would share my doc's recommendation.
Yes I have heard through a sleep clinic that what you suggest is the way to go. Interestingly enough this morning I got up at 8 am having gone to bed at 12 midnight. Hopefully if I keep doing this I can get into a sleep routine. Thanks for your re-enforcement.

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