Chronic throat pain/lymph glands

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Jun 18, 2016
Hi, I've had chronic throat pain for about 18 months, in the last 4 months been diagnosed with C.F.S. I'm on painkillers, nothing works. Had thyroid checks, all clear, tried herbal medicines, regular acupuncture, nothing is really working. Is anyone else going through the same pain? If so can you please tell me what has helped you. Pain is concentrated in my glands in my throat and sometimes so painful I can't talk. Often I get a hoarse sounding voice. Thanks,
bintang, have you checked out your stomach? You may have GERD and not know it.
Hi Ruralchick, thanks for your reply. I've had my stomach checked out and it 'could' be silent reflux however my ENT DR thinks that although the redness in my throat could indicate silent reflux it doesn't match the level of pain/discomfort i'm in with it. I've tried different PPI's eg Nexium but doesn't make any difference...
I frequently have a sore painful throat and my voice fades and gets hoarse when the muscles in that area are hit by this condition and are weak.

I get chronic facial/jaw pain and stiffness with it too...for me it's all linked and all gets a bit easier or worse at the same time.

At worst I have long periods where its too painful to hold a conversation or chew much and persistent migraines ......I'm sorry you have the symptom you describe.

Have you tried gargling with warm salt water and drinking lots of comforting fluids......sometimes i resort to small bags of crushed ice against the pain.

No painkillers help me much either......but there might be something that would help you as we are all different.....have you talked to your doctor?
I was diagnosed months ago with EBV, after getting flu-like symptoms. Ever since then, anytime I would go out in public to a store, on the bus/train, I would wind up going home and getting a low-grade fever, sore throat/swollen glands and fatigue.

So now when I am out I carry hand sanitizer and use it frequently. I also will take a zinc supplement and vitamin C either before going out or after, and that has seemed to help (I also take Reservatrol and B-50 complex on occasion).

When you say herbal, have you tried any of those vitamins, or any antioxidants? IDK, I also find echinachea helps me as well.

Sorry you have been ill for so long!
Hi -

Sorry you are dealing with the throat pain. How frustrating it must be after so long.

I also have pain in my throat and neck with cold like symptoms with on and off hoarseness. Sometimes I have a hard time swallowing my food and my throat feels tight. I do notice that it comes and goes, but more often comes.

If the Nexium doesn't help, than I can't imagine it's coming from your stomach.

I'm beginning to realize that this Fibro can just wreak havok on any part of your body at anytime, without any precurser.
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