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I'm trying to find anything that my help my dad with his terrible fatigue he is having lately. We mentioned the drug Mestinon to his ALS neurologist and he said No, that it wouldn't help him at all. Do any of you taking any vitamins? I thought that might help a little. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You!
Hello Kim,

I have late afternoon siestas. (1.5 to 3 hours). It's the only thing that helps me.
But there is no rhyme or reason to this fatigue - Some days I don't need a nap at all
At times it's just a lack of energy and at worse it's an overwhelming and oppressive tiredness. I am discovering other cues however. For example, if I feel the least bit down in the dumps, the fatigue is worse. When I wake up, in the morning, with stiff legs, I will be napping for sure. If I have jelly legs, I know I'll be awake and alert the entire day. I have yet to try vitamins except for D & magnesium.
(Today is a good day -YEAH!)
If he doesn't get enough to eat he gets even more tired. If he doesn't get enough sleep the night before the days a wash
B 12 helps me...but does nothing for him. Try anything people may suggest. Something may help him. Trial and error.
Dave's fatigue was relieved so much when he started using the bi-pap regularly. He rarley needs to even nap during the day now. I know your dad (like Dave) doesn't want a vent, but a bi-pap is a huge help and is noninvasive. I highly suggest it:)
Thanks everyone and my dad just got a bi-pap last week and it does help him sleep alot better. Hoping it will help with the fatigue also.
I have to be honest I am confused about your neurologists refusing to prescribe Mestinon. It must be used at half strength, not the full myasthenia gravis dosage. It is cheap, generic and has a tolerable side effect profile, most of which are gastrointestinal. It has knocked my fatigue out of the ballpark. I've gone from napping 3 to 4 hours a day to being able to carry on quite well without one unless I exercise the pool. I would ask again or just as the GP. My 90 day supply cost me less than eight dollars so I don't see any harm in trying.
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