Fibromyalgia and allergies

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Mar 1, 2013
After reading some of your posts I found something a lot of us have in common. Food or medicine allergies.

I am allergic to shellfish, iodine, morphine, cortisone and some kinds of antibiotics.

Some of my allergies have severe reactions, others only worsen my IBS.
The cortisone for instance makes me totally psychotic. And with iodine and shellfish I go into anaphalactic shock.

What allergies do you have and how do you react to exposure to those allergens?
As far as I am aware I am only allergic to penicillin. There are a few things that disagree with me other than that but I don't think I'm actually allergic to them.
I keep a list in my purse because I am allegic to so many things I can't keep track without my list.
Most I get hives and swelling and trouble breathing. But penicillin and peanut butter, and iodine can cause my thoat to swell and basic shock to my system.

I am allergic to sulfa, codeine, iodine,vicodin,percocet,naproxen, peanuts and mango and shellfish. That is just a few of them. I keep medication close in case of an attack.

It is best to keep benadryl in your pocket or purse so it can be taken right away as soon the reaction happens. Some people wait until they are covered with welts or hives, before attempting anything. If you wait to long you might not make it.
I wonder if there are any Vegans that have fibromyalgia. My friend was recently diagnosed, and she eats meat. I'm trying to get her to try going vegan for a month, to see how she feels, but she doesn't want to do it. If I was sick with anything, I think I would try ANYTHING to get better. I hope we can find a solution to her problem.
Unfortunately, with a quick google search I see claims that vegan, gluten free, paleo, all claiming to help fibro symptoms. I admit I'm a bit confused as to how veganism would help as it's hard to get Vitamin D in vegan diets without taking supplements, isn't it? Isn't there a link between fibro and vitamin d deficiency?
I think the link is not so much with the foods we eat compared to the foods we are allergic too. I have been following a vegan/vegtarian diet for about a year now, mainly for the reason of sorting out foods that I can't eat and keeping the ones I can eat. You kind of need to make a food journal to discover what you eat that makes you sick or have discomfort after eating it.

By following a stricter diet plan, I have discovered that I am alergic to chicken and turkey. I can't eat some sea foods that contain iodine, such as shimp and clams and crab. I have to buy raw nuts, to avoid those roasted in peanut oil. I stopped using canola oil, which is derived from soybeans, and started using more olive oil and real butter. I try to drink fresh juice when I can make my own or buy organic juice at the health food store. Little changes to your diet are easier to do then a total switch.

If your friend eats meat, that may be part of her trouble, but tell her to stop one kind of meat and then a week later try it again and see if it causes any discomfort after eating it. If it does stop eating it. Then work at one food group at a time, and find out if allergies are causing any sickness.

I Am no expert on this subject, but I have felt better since I started watching what I eat and drink, and trying to eat as healthy as possible.
Canola oil is actually derived from rapeseed. I think it says something that they had to specifically breed a variety of rapeseed with less of the toxic acid that it contains in order to make it "suitable" for human consumption. *shudder* I gave it up for coconut oil for when I need high-heat cooking methods and olive oil for lower heat applications.
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