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Sep 8, 2014
I thought I saw a thread about this subject once before but can't seem to find it now. Is anyone else (male or female) experiencing hair loss? I looked in my sink and comb today after doing my hair and they were both full of hair. I sure hope I don't go bald because I don't think I would be comfortable wearing a wig. It started out a strand or two here and there but is getting progressively worse.
Yes I do. But remember first we are mammals ,we molt just like dogs and cats.
We molt in the summer ,Spring ,winter ,fell.
If u saw the hair I lose u would swear I should be bold as a coot.but I'm not. Sure my hair isn't as thick as it was when I was 20. Im 43 and sick .
But I still have lots of locks.
Age is another factor . I don't no how old u are.but try not to worry about it.nwe are going into fell we will lose hair ��
Yes there was a thread Krista a month or two or maybe three ago....mine falls out a lot too,,,my hairbrush gets full in a week ....if i saved it all up for a year i swear i could make a wig! I still have enough to make it look decent but ill health and age like forgetmenot says seems to play a part as my hair gradually declined in thickness and quality in my 50's.
I have also been experiencing hair loss over the past several months. It's very frustrating because I always had such thick hair. My hairstylist said he can see more hair coming back in, though, just slowly. I am very sorry your are going through this ... It's so stressful and just one more thing to worry about.
My hair is falling out as well. The crown of my head has some noticeable spots, my shower and brush have a lot of hair after showers. Many of us have thyroid issues and that contributes to the hair issue. It is another rotten aspect of fibromyalgia. Gentle hugs
WOW had no idea! I have been losing hair like crazy! I thought it was either medicine or menopause causing it. Now after reading
these, it may be not!
Hello,I just joined today and saw the posts about hair loss and that has been such an issue with me. I didn't have extra loss until I started taking Lyrica. I also blame Lyrica for extra dry skin; it seems it just sucks all the moisture out of me no matter how much water or gatorade I drink. Is there anyone who has extra hair loss that does not take Lyrica? Maybe it is just a side effect of fibro itself but my doctor just ignores my concerns on the subject because around here they think Lyrica is a miracle drug and I absolutely hate taking it.
Folic acid is sapose to be great for skin hair teeth. You can get great prenatal vitamins , look for some with EXTRA FOLIC ACID.
I'm dealing with that too. Nothing helps me.
My doctor doesn't mess around, and he told me that yes, hair loss was a symptoms of my conditions. Every shower, I have a huge clump (palm sized amount, when balled up) that comes out. I used to hate it and worry, but I haven't lost a lot of hair that I see. There was one bad month where the texture of my hair was awful. I thought it would be that way forever and I did see some hairline changes. It didn't feel or act like my hair. Then a month later, it grew back and acted normal. Two things: expect way more to come out if you skipped a shower or if you went swimming, and just tell your hairstylist you're pregnant. Makes conversations much easier about the weird texture. I also have Hashimoto's, so hopefully this isn't just my personal battle here...
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