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Jul 24, 2015
Hi I am a 48 year old female, who has had Fibro for over 10 years, although was just diagnosed in June 2014. At first the problems would start up and then disappear for awhile, which was great because I could deal with the pain so much better cause I knew it would eventually go away. I actually called it "in remission" The last 2 years have not been the case. There is no going away. Pain is constant! It has def. affected my life in so many ways! I try to be positive, and tell myself so many people are worse off then myself. Even though I deal with pain everyday, I can still go to work and live my life without a wheelchair or disability for now. Sometimes is very hard to keep positive!

your pains are getting worse due to flare ups.

you have a few things that come with fibromyalgia.

fatigue, muscles spasm, stress pain and many other things.

are you on any nerve blockers? cymbalta? gabapentin? muscle relaxers?

are you doing any diet changes?

are your doing any stress reducing exercises?

have you covered your windows in your room with foil to block out the light?

hot baths with Epson salt?

see my post what is fibromyalgia under general discussions.
also see " starting a daily log book and why it helps"

find what triggers your pain.

learn about your body and ask questions in the forum.

we will all answer you.

if you want, you may friend me and forgetmenot and private msg us if that will make you feel any better.
thank you for the advice I take Cymbalta and tramadol and flexeril. I have not changed my diet and I try and walk everyday, although only for 10 -15 minutes. I have a hot tub that I get in that helps. I don't get in as often because the weather has been very hot and its outside. I don't have any trouble with sleep. I do take a sleeping pill at night.
try some breathing exercises and the tapping technique to reduce your stress an pain levels.
they will help you a lot
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