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Jun 7, 2014
Hi everyone I was diagnosed with fibro in Feb 2013 at 35 yrs old...I had No symptoms until my mother passed away and then my world turned upside down...I was fortunate to be diagnosed early because when I went to my pcp they ran all kinds of blood work and I had a positive indication for lupus and my Dr sent need to a rheumatologist who after further work up diagnosed me with fibromyalgia... I work full time and have 7 energetic teenagers that I have a hard time keeping up with now...I feel frustrated and alone because of my symptoms and their limitations... I am engaged to a wonderful man but I find it hard to talk to him because it is so hard for him to understand this illness..looking forward to getting support from people who know exactly what I have been struggling with
Hello there My name Is Kayla. While I do not have Fibromyalgia myself my mother is suffering from this exact problem. So to say I would 100% be able to understand your circumstance would be untruthful on my part. However I do care for my mother and listen to her as she speaks on the pain she is experiencing at the time she has it herself. I most definitely have her support in the answers I give in regards to how she copes with her circumstances and would be happy to share such things with others.

My mother too is in her mid-thirties and has me, my 10 year old brother and a husband to care for. It can be quite a handful I'm sure as she will verbally at times express no one seems to understand her pain. For myself I am 17 years of age and again I say I'm the mouth for my mother as typing too long hurts her hands.
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