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Apr 7, 2013
South Carolina
I start a new job tomorrow after being out of work for 5 months. I have been in denial about my diagnosis for a long time, possibly years. The past few months I have really been unable to function much of the time. I can no longer deny there is a problem and I think I am ready to accept the diagnosis. I have always been a morning person but for the past few months I can't get out of bed in the morning. Pain has kept me up late every night. Does anyone have any suggestions for a morning routine? How many hours should I allow? What type of breakfast should I eat? Should I attempt any type of exercise? I start work tomorrow at 9am. I am happy to be a part of your discussions and hope I will have some inspiration for you as well as we get to know one another. Thank you, onehope.
onehope, hey there. I would say give yourself 2-3 hours to get ready before work. Eat whatever you choose, but give yourself the needed bathroom time and time to get your muscles and joints willing to move easily. I was wondering what type of work you will be doing? If it is office work and your sitting most of the day, be sure to get up and walk around every hour or so. Move your neck by turning your head to the right and left slowly and flex your fingers to avoid cramps. If you have a standing job it is harder, but try to sit down when you can.

When you get up take your pain medication with your breakfast. Try to eat healthy things and avoid junk food during the day. Try to relax as much as possible. Consider getting a fiber or feather bed pad for your bed. It lays on top of your regular mattress and gives you a soft pillow like pad that makes sleeping easier. They come in all sizes. If you have a bath tub take baths in warm water and add a cup of epson salts to the water, it helps relax muscles and helps make your skin feel good. It helps you sleep better.

There are vibrating pads you can get that the vibration feels like rollers as it moves from your neck to your feet. They come with a controller and heat as well if you want it. I use one when I am really hurting and it helps relieve pain. Like a home massage.
I hope your job goes well and let us know how things work out. :)
Thank you for your response. I have tried all of your suggestions except for the vibrating pads. I am looking for those. Sounds wonderful. We are having several improvements done on our house at once so this week has been crazy. Some days there was a toilet in my bathtub! We had new tile, new carpet, and new hardwood floors put in all in one first week back at work! I did have a headache 2 days and had my neck adjusted on Wednesday and Friday to relieve headaches. Is there a particular stance on chiropractic and fibromyalgia? I have had some success at times and other times I have gotten myself in more pain. I can't take much manipulation and massage is usually a disaster so I don't do massage anymore. If I get a massage I can be in bed for days. All in all I had a pretty good first week. I have not settled into a morning routine but once the construction to the house is done I am going to try writing down an actual schedule. Today was the first day of week two. Thanks for your encouragement. Have a great week. Thanks, onehope.
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