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May 26, 2014
Right now my brother is in Germany. He is in the US Army. He was my rock. Him and I have always been close. When I went through all my medical issues, relationship issues and friendship issues, my brother was there.

I am 8 years older than him, but he has been such a great friend. I haven't seen him since January and can't wait for him to come home. He was the one person I could talk to without feeling stupid. He didn't question every little thing about my life. He got me into listening to music with him. I have always been a fan of music, but he listens to post hard core. When ever he would hear a song that reminded him of one of my situations, he would send me the link.

We would go to concerts together, movies together, even go to the mall together. At night when we would both get home from work, we would go listen to music and smoke hookah. He always knew how to make me smile. I talk to him on facebook, but I still miss him.
How long will he be stationed there? I'm sorry you're missing him so much, but social media is such a blessing for staying in touch with long distance people.

Do you have anyone else that you're close to? Maybe this is an opportunity to try to strengthen relationships with other important people in your life? I do understand how hard it is to find someone who will listen and have empathy, though. Most people don't have a clue about medical conditions, and they don't really want to be by your side through it. It sounds like you're really fortunate to have your brother.

This is really nice to hear too, because I've never been close to my brother (we even live in the same house right now - he has the downstairs and my husband and I have the upstairs.) We're only 5 years apart, but we never really connected all that much. We get along fine, but we're far from close. So it's nice to hear stories like this!
I am close to just about everyone in my family, but my sister and I have never been as close as my brother and I. I was actually cleaning out his room yesterday. I just moved back in with my parents and they want me in his old room. I found this "fake mission report" I guess they had to do. They included friends and family and I was the top person on the list, listed as "would probably carry out the mission".. Everyone else was " probably would not carry out mission" or "would carry out mission if they felt like it" HAHA. This brightened my day.

See I had a friend I was very close to. We said we were "soul mate" best friends. Then reality hit and I found out she was sleeping with my soon to be ex husband, since the time him and I met. It has been hard for me to trust females since then. I had finally thought I found someone else I could trust and my soon to be ex slept with her too. So, I have trust issues now.

My mom and I are close and I am so glad that she is actually understanding what is going on. She is doing what she can to help.

I did meet a very great guy. He is so sweet. I can't leave a room for five minutes without him asking if I am okay. He is just really nice and caring. He went through the same thing I did with my ex.

I am not sure how long he will be stationed there. I am not sure of what he even does. I know this has been his life dream. Ever since he was young, he always felt he was sent here on a mission. In fact, he is kind of religious and feels that he was sent here to be in the army to do some sort of work for "God". Not sure what exactly.

I find it sad when other people haven't been as close to their family as I have. My ex and his sisters used to fight all the time. His mom said to me " Don't you and your siblings ever fight?" and I said " well not really, maybe when we were younger but we all get along very well now" Then she responded with something like " I guess I am a bad mom then".... Which is not what I meant at all. I just think some peoples families are different.

My mom says that when Tyler was born ( I was 8) It was like I got a live baby doll. I didn't raise him and will not say I did, but my mom says I did a lot of helping out with him, and she thinks that is why him and I are so close. I used to pick him up from school and I would talk to his teachers if there were any issues. My mom always thought it was funny that her 14 year old was going to pick up her 6 year old and have a "few words" with his teacher.
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