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Jun 24, 2013
Hi y'all,

I've been a diagnosed Fybromite for the past 2 years but as is the case with most of us I believe I had it long before that. Let me correct that. I have best friends that have Fibro and THEY thought I had it long fact they would ask me,

Them: "Have you thought it could be fibromyalgia?"

Me: "I don't have pain like you do.

Except for debilitating migraines....and then later the muscle pain started. It got so bad that I could barely walk out of work and had to go home of my co-workers said I looked like she did without her Lupus then began the batterie of testing. I was tested for Lupus a couple of different times...everything came back normal. Got into a Rheumey and she did the "tender point" exam and diagnosed me with Fibro.

That's my story in a nutshell. I've been on other boards at one point but needed to take a break...but I've been having some flares lately and decided I needed to be able to vent to folks who Get It. And I found you fine folks....

I think that's about it,

Welcome to the forum. I think sometimes the symptoms of fibro trick us into believing it is something else, mainly because fibro has many different symptoms not just muscle pain and weakness. The things we get with fibro are the same types of things that people with Lupus and Lymes, suffer from, only difference is our bloodwork is prefectly fine. And that part can drive us crazy with worry and cause depression, as we try to figure out what is wrong and where the pain is coming from. I spent a great deal of money trying to figure out what was wrong and hoping there was a cure as I could get back to living normally again. I see all those things in your post as well.

I am happy you found this forum. We try to be supportive, but don't let us stop you from venting anytime you feel the need. Read through the posts for hints and coping skills, and make yourself to home. I am sure there are lots of topics you can add a bit of knowledge too, as well as, find answers for yourself. See you around the forum. :)
Not open for further replies.