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Mar 16, 2013
Hi all,
I dont know where to start really I have terrible back pain lower, and in my ribs on my right side they are so tender to touch they hurt really bad with just a gentle touch! Ive recently started gettin bad hip pain which has decided to , when I get up on a morning feel like when i walk they will pop out of joint! I also struggle to sleep because it hurts to lie on my side also my back hurts, My lower spine hurts to touch also either side very painful. Sometimes my pain is not as bad.
I also get a stiff neck and achy shoulders although this pain is not as bad, I would say I can cope with it. Last week I was getting shooting pains in my ankles also when I was in bed and my knucles and arms were aching. Its really starting to get me down I have been to docs who has refered me to see a specialist but in the mean time I have be looking up my syptoms and it sound just like Fibro?!? any advise would be much appreciated
Thanks x
Oh and I also suffer with IBS and more recently migraine
Go online and check out the term called Costochondritis or Tietze's Syndrome. It is caused by inflamation in your chest wall and rib cage. It can affect any part of your upper body. It is very painful and can produce inflamation and muscle spasms. It can go along with fibro.

Read through more of the topic's to get better ideas on coping skills and ideas that work to help with pain. Only your doctor can say if you have fibro or not. Good Luck. :)
Sorry to hear about the pain you are having dealing with your ribs, your spine, and other areas. I do believe you should go see a doctor to truly find out what you are dealing with. I hope you can get the answers you are looking for.
It sounds like many of the "classic" symptoms - but of course you'll have to wait on the doctor to be 100% sure. Definitely talk about the ribs, that just sounds exceedingly painful :(
I definitely agree with everyone else. It does sound a lot like fibro, but so do a lot of other things. Most people who have been diagnosed with fibro have been tested for absolutely everything else under the sun. So, before you can jump to any conclusions, make sure you get everything checked out.

Sorry you're going through this! We can definitely feel your pain <3
Yes see your doctor, it is the first move you should make. But there are so many people on this site who know what it is like to be in chronic pain. This is a good site for you to be on to get support. If it is fibro, there are alot of people here who can discuss medications. Or different pain management techniques. Or who can just lend an ear, because they can relate to what you are going through. Your symptoms sound alot like mine. But defenitely get diagnosed first. I hope you get the answers you need.
I guess you don't have fibro, atleast as i can see.. but try to check it on the hospital, they can help you more than us.

Try to do more exercise and sleep more dude, you should be ok.
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