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May 1, 2014
Guess it's one of those days today...took my regular meds but ache all over and took a two hour nap after lunch...

Took a tour of a local nursing home and got some information from the admissons director (who was very helpful and informative) in case I have to bring my mom to Florida. Then took off for the VA clinic (local Orlando branch) to try to find out if my mom has any benefits for long term care from my dad's stint in WWII... That place as a zoo..Monday after a long holiday weekend...was I crazy? So I picked up some paperwork and phone numbers and will try again to to contact someone soon.

Well those two errands were it for me today..just feel like a truck hit me today.

Yesterday I decided to start the process of stripping my dining room chairs and table (starting with two of the chairs) to prep for new paint. Used the non-toxic, low odor stripper and while it was setting up I washed my car then I went back to scraping off the stripping gel. Does that sound like something that should make me feel like a ran a marathon today?

I have got to find a job soon and I honestly don't think I could keep a job if I landed one due to the unpredictable nature of fibro pain and fatigue..

Okay, my Monday moan is over...I hope your day is better!:p
Does that sound like something that should make me feel like a ran a marathon today?

Monday moans are fine here... or any other day of the week moans, actually. :p

And to answer your question, you bet it sounds like something that would make someone with fibro feel as if they ran a marathon! Maybe not to people who don't have it, but the chair stripping followed by the VA clinic... absolutely.

I hope you'll have one of those good days real soon!
Oh yeah, my week also started not so well, well, at least not the way I expected it. God luck finding a new job, I'm in the process of doing the very same thing! Not easy, but we gotta make it! Hang in there and best of luck with everything, being a worker with fibro isn't easy, hang in there and keep us posted.
Monday is always the most painful part of the week, but hey, you can always have a different mindset. Instead of thinking how far ahead the next weekend is, just enjoy the fact that you can do a lot of things during the week and you will feel accomplished. It's really all in the mind. If you join everyone else who think Monday sucks, then it will really suck.
This Monday I woke up with head and neck-ache, folks. I hope you feel better OP. This Monday was also a difficult Monday for me, I'm starting to dislike Mondays for so many reasons now. Anyway, I just wanted to say we should all learn to see the positive side of things and enjoy life the way it is, at least the little good things and moments ;) Those usually make life really worth it!
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