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Nov 1, 2017
My name is Nicole and this is the first time I'm posting on here. I was diagnosed two days ago by a rhumetologist. My pcp has been an NP at a local clinic. The clinic serves Native Americans as well as low income families and because I've been unable to work for about a year due to chronic pain and nausea and vomiting. The rhumetologist I saw really made me feel awful due to coming from a low income clinic, specifically telling me (before introducing himself even) that he was doing them a favor seeing their patients since we don't bring in much money. He said many offensive things including that I "clearly have mental problems" and that I have fibromyalgia and patients with fibromyalgia waste so much of his time. Needless to say I left, filed a complaint and will not be returning. He gave me little information but did tell me that my diet should not factor into fibromyalgia and that if I was feeling pain and nausea it was anxiety. I have noticed that my body reacts to foods though. I have been hospitalized because of the pain in my stomach after eating certain foods. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar dietary issues or if my pain really is all in my head. I plan to see another rhumetologist but I need some time to recover from the traumatic visit I just had.
Hi Nicole,
I was just diagnosed about two weeks ago. Many of us, if not all, have experienced seeing doctors that make us feel invisible or less than human. It took 2 years of fairly severe symptoms and seeing many doctors before I was diagnosed but I think I have had mild fibro for quite a few years. I hope you find a doctor that really listens to you and sees you as a person.
Welcome this makes me so mad you have been treated like this. I wish you luck finding a better doctor when you have recovered from this horrible experience!
Welcome Nicole.
Oh my god I was horrified reading this! What an awful experience that would've been. He sounds like a real piece of work.
My Fibro dr insists that diet is extremely important. I find there is a lot of conflicting information out there. I can honestly say that for me diet plays a huge part in it. Before Fibro I had no allergies no food sensitivities. Post Fibro I am lactose and fructose intolerant and gluten can bother me, justdepends if I am in a flare or not, but I still tend to limit it. I feel like I have become sensitive to almost all food. When it gets bad I stop eating because the nausea will get so bad that it just isn't worth it. Again this is usually when I am in a flare up. i have never been hospitalized for it but sure have come close to making a trip to Emergency.
Thank you everyone for being so supportive! I used to get so sick before changing my diet I went to the ER! I know my body feels better when I eliminated certain foods but when doctors tell me its in my head I start to believe them! Just like Brenda, I used to get so sick I would go without eating while before fibro I had no allergies or sensitivities at all, eating was my FAVORITE thing to do!
A while back before I was dianosed I went to see the similar type of low income doctor with no medical insurance left for me to use do my newly divorced situation , I had to paid cash US$200 per doctor visit. So first thing he said I have mental issue and seem like I like to talk alot about it so I should go see therapist. ( fantastic doctor )

Then after I got up fron the chair I literally collapsed. So the nurses and him had to help me up then he finally checked me to see what's wrong while trying to keep my mind focus on the light pen. Then finally he asked about my sleep . Of course I was facing loads if sleep disorder so much so my eyes practically flip backward when the light shined right in my eyes do to my light sensitivities so much it made me screamed.

After a few test he still come up with just that I'm just depress lol , needless to say I quickly found another doctor. Not that much better but at least he manage to dianosed me with fibro , so here I am with fibro and a whole lot worse than before I saw the any doctors.
Welcome to the forum!

It makes me so angry and sad to read another nightmare story about a doctor! How hard is it to listen to a patient? They are not there because they had nothing else to do that morning, and Starbucks was out of coffee!

They are there for a reason. Listen, ask questions and say 'let's try to get you better together'. Doctors train for people, to make them better, but it seems that so many doctors just do it to fulfill their own ego. Shame on them.

I am glad you filed a complaint. I try to do that with each bad experience as well. If everyone begins to complain about a bad doctor, maybe their ego bubble will burst one day.

I think all of us here can agree that with fibro, you learn to do lots of research, try different things (diets, supplements, medication, therapies), go to many doctors. It is all about finding out what works for you. Sadly it can be quite a long one for many of us. It is also a journey where you really learn who you are. It can be a painful one, but it also makes you strong, ready to take on the cruel world out there.

Keeping a food diary would be my go-to advice. See what your body reacts to badly. Then eliminate and replace, until you find the safe foods. All the best!
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